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So a batch of photos (allegedly) of Blake Lively in various stages of undress have been making the rounds for the past two days. I don’t really have an opinion of that, but I’ve always kind of liked Blake, in the sense that she was pretty and harmless and just had kind of an all-American way about her. So I figured that in the wake of her newest (biggest? first?) scandal, I’d make her the muse for my daily business casual outfits here.

Today’s outfit is a little more casual than business, and is best for offices that allow jeans, or for offices that observe Casual Fridays. It’s inspired by this candid shot of Blake wandering around NYC with her then-boyfriend, Penn Badgely, (she’s rumored to currently be with Leonardo di Caprio) and her adorable little dog, Daisy, who supposedly has a serious incontinence problem, due more to a lack of training than physiology.

And here’s what I put together:

Boot Cut Jeans ………. $15
Vertical Ruffle Tank ………. $23.80
Hampshire Striped Cardigan ………. $24.99
Rampage Nikki Pump in Black ………. $24.95

I wanted to make this a little fancier than Blake’s casual shopping outfit, which looks a lot like what I’d wear when going shopping, except I’d add some color, either with colored shoes or a colored striped cardigan instead of just black and white.

To that end, I selected boot cut jeans in the usual dark wash. Dark washed jeans look the fanciest, not so slouchy, and they are slimming. Plus, the cut is just flattering on most body shapes.

I decided to forgo the casual black tank top and instead found a little ruffled tank from Lord & Taylor that was just a touch fancier. I paired it with a more fitted cardigan than the one Blake is wearing, and to lengthen the body added black leather pumps.

And there we have a business casual outfit inspired by Blake Lively that won’t cause any office scandals.


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Yep. Today’s post is inspired by a character on a soap opera! 😀 I don’t watch All My Children, or any soap opera, really, but back when I was a kid, my mom used to watch All My Children, One Life To Live, and General Hospital. As a new immigrant, she wanted to become familiar with American culture.


I’m sure that for, like, a week, she thought that all of you white people had secret evil twins, and the men you thought were your biological fathers probably weren’t, and every so often you’d all throw masquerade balls and some of your friends would die.

And then, a week later, she was probably like, “…the hell?”

But by that time she kind of found the crazy characters amusing, so she stuck with her soaps for like two more decades after that, easy. And because of that, I know the characters well enough. And today’s character is one that used to scare the crap out of me (as a four year old?) when she was played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, but who I actually liked when she was played by Alicia Minshew.

Click HERE to get over to my post at Heave (sorry I couldn’t post yesterday! I was hanging out all day with my BFF who just got home from Pakistan after spending a year there!), or click on the picture of Alicia Minshew.

Alicia is the one in pink. The other one is the girl who plays her character's half-sister, Bianca (Binks). Bianca is a lesbian, and her on-screen kiss with some other chick was the first lesbian kiss aired on daytime television.

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Well, the craziness of graduation is finally over, so I can once again start with my daily (weekday) posts here at TRPLS. I should probably change the name soon, as I am no longer a law student, nor am I particularly prudent any longer. Ah, well.

Today’s post is inspired by one of the ultimate chick flicks, the Notebook, starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. Click here to get over to Heave to check it out, or on the picture of Allie and Noah making out like bunnies that just got out of prison.

Correction: The Notebook takes place in the 40s. Not the 60s, like I said in my Heave post. Thanks, JudgyAmie!

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Yes. The girl from the phone commercials. What? I think she’s adorable. Don’t pretend you don’t. She usually wears pink, but I think my favorite outfit of hers was her in this dress that was red and pink and white on the top with a hot pink skirt, and of course, her hot pink heels. Too much pink for a normal office look, so I scaled it down a bit.

Click either here or on the picture to get over to HeaveMedia and check it out.

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I’m back to a somewhat regular posting schedule here, which is nothing short of miraculous given my computer meltdowns and my hectic schedule. Seriously. Shoot me in the face, plz. I really don’t think this is sustainable in any way, but hey, that’s what caffeine pills are for, right?

Today’s post is inspired by Lily Aldrin. Because Alyson Hannigan is adorable, and Lily is a pretty easy character to put outfits together for. So go check it out by clicking here or on the picture.

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Yep, once again, for my weekly post at Heave, I have put together a fanmix to go along with today’s post. I rather like fanmixes. I get to pick songs that go along with the TV show or movie or in this case, book, create pretty album art, buy the songs, edit the tags, and load it all onto my iPod.

Andy doesn’t approve of fanmixes, you guys. He thinks they’re weird. He’s an old stick in the mud.


I had a crazy dream last night in which I was stuck, once again, in my old private Islamic school (my nightmares take me there often), and there was some old-Roman-style gladiator action going on in one of the rooms where the teachers’ aides would just throw a high school student in a classroom with a tiger and whatever happened, happened, and for some reason I needed a bunch of Pokemon shirts for a class presentation, and at some point I was taking the train, and I didn’t have enough money and then Andy showed up in the dream dressed like Huck Finn and spotted me a tenner for my ticket, and then he showed up later as I was weighed down with Pokemon t-shirts, trying to walk across the small school to the other side where my classroom was and since he saw I was struggling with the weight of the t-shirts, he decided that the best way to help me was not to take the t-shirts from me and carry them, but to carry me, t-shirts at all.


Even in my dreams he’s basically the worst person.

But he did lend me $10 with no expectation that I’d pay him back. Even though I would have.

(Watch, if he’s reading this, he’s already thinking of ways to use this dream against me and somehow convince me I owe him $10 in real life. That’s some Inception shit right there.)

Anyway, today’s post, outfit, and fanmix are inspired by a short novel by Jane Austen called, “Lady Susan.” Lady Susan Vernon is basically the worst person ever, even worse than Andy, so naturally, I relate to her completely.

It’s a pretty snazzy outfit, you guys, with a skirt from Anthropologie that I just love, and the fanmix is lovely, too. It features songs from A Fine Frenzy, Doris Day, and Florence + The Machine, among others. I guess it’s more of an LP, though, since it only has 6 or 7 songs. It’s called “In Between Boyfriends,” because that describes Lady Susan’s life perfectly.

So click this picture of the fanmix cover art to get over to Heave, or click here to accomplish the same, and find out all about how Lady Susan is the worst Susan. Verily, the worst person. But certainly the worst Susan.

Hm. For some reason the format is WAY messed up at Heave. Whatever.

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I got this request from my buddy Alexis. Now, I don’t watch Fringe, so I have never heard of Astrid, but I loved the screencaps she sent me and was only too happy to fill this request. If you’ve got a request, too, feel free to email me. And now, introducing Astrid:

I wish I had some crazy rant/schpiel for this character. Or, hell, even the actress. But I have nothing. So I shall tell you about something that happened in kindergarten.

There was this little dark haired boy in another kindergarten section that I saw in the hall and afterschool just about every day, and I decided he was the most beautiful boy on the planet and that I was in love with him. I had no idea what ‘love’ was, really, but all I knew was, this boy was freaking AWESOME.

So after school ended, they’d line us up outside so that we could all get onto our buses. The pretty little dark haired boy always stood in the first bus line and I was always toward the end of the line, so one day I just decided, to hell with it, I was going to go over there to where he was. So I left my bus line and joined his, and stood by him and talked to him and then got on his bus.

I had no idea that this bus was somehow the ‘wrong’ bus, and it wouldn’t take me home. All I knew was I was sitting with the pretty dark haired boy and everything was fabulous.

Eventually one of my teachers noticed me and dragged me off the bus and put me on my own. I was so mad.


Stupid teachers. Being all nosy.

ANYWAY BACK TO ASTRID. Here’s the outfit Alexis liked.

And here is Astrid’s outfit for under $100.

Floral Print Chelsea Cardigan in Coral ………. $46.95
Broadway Bodyshaper Cami in Lilac ………. $14.95
Drew Plainweave High Rise Pants ………. $19.99
Pumps in Black ………. $17.50

Simple enough, yes?

I picked a floral printed cardigan with pretty, warm colors, and paired it with a lilac camisole that works with the purple in the sweater. The colors aren’t as warm as the ones in the screenshot, so I didn’t really feel like using brown pants and instead opted for these nice grey ones.

That left a wee tiny budget for shoes (um, do you know how hard it is to find heels for less than $18?!), so I went with these black ones, mainly for budget reasons. Go with brown, go with flats instead, whatever, but these worked with the outfit and my budget.

And there we have Astrid’s pretty printed sweater ensemble! 😀

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