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Just a quick little post for today to let you nerds know that my post at the Working Wardrobe is up, so click here or on the picture below to get there.

I’m currently in the process of backing up my blog, and in addition to the normal backup files (xml? I think that’s the extension) I wanted HTML backups of every post. Just to be on the safe side. Because I am way paranoid and have almost lost this blog before TWICE and just want to be sure that I have everything stored away in my Evernote. If you don’t have Evernote, I highly recommend it. Even Andy has Evernote (and on his phone, too, no less) and Andy hates everything. THAT is how good Evernote is.

And rest assured, he uses it for things that are JUST as nerdy as the things I use it for. Because Andy is a closet-case, you guys. A closet-nerd, to be more specific. He claims to hate nerds. He claims to beat them up (or in my case, squish them, usually in the elevators when he will stand RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and inch back so that I am effectively a Huma Pancake, because he KNOWS that one of my biggest fears is being squished by a large person in an elevator, the rat bastard) and he claims to throw rocks at them, but for all that, Andy is very much a closet nerd.

I can’t wait until he watches Doctor Who with me. ❤

Anyway, yeah, so I’m saving everything, and in the process, I have to rename the post titles, because for a bunch of BCS posts, I never put the number, so the numbering is all out of whack (I think we’re actually closer to 380 or 385, not 360 – I KNOW SO UPSETTING) and that bugs me because I have mild OCD when it comes to numbers and proportions.

Like, it *bothers* me when we have a pizza or a cheesecake or a pie or a normal cake and people are just cutting pieces willy nilly. NO. You divide it into perfect eighths. EVERY EIGHTH HAS TO BE PERFECT AND EQUAL AND UNIFORM. Why is this so hard for people to understand? I have a minor freak-out if every eighth is not uniform. Ask Amanda. She’s seen this up close and personal when I flipped out because my mom said she wanted “just the tiniest piece” of cheesecake.



I feel very strongly about numbers, you guys.


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I’m back to posting at the Working Wardrobe after a month-long hiatus from blogging, and I found a cute little tunic at Forever21, and proceeded to age it up a bit. So much of their stuff is so … young. And … kind of trashy/cheap looking. But occasionally you can find things that work … or can be made to work, per Tim Gunn.

So click here, or on the picture of the adorable wall art there to get over to the Working Wardrobe and see what I came up with for today.

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What better way to (temporarily) come out of my hiatus than by announcing a super awesome giveaway?!

A while back, I was browsing Etsy and befriended Cassie, who has an adorable Etsy boutique stocked with tons of vintage and upcycled goods. I used to roam around flea markets when I was younger, and would still be doing it if I had the time. I just loved how all the items there came with a story, and I loved browsing and poking around and getting a glimpse into other people’s lives, even though I rarely ended up buying anything.

That’s why I love the things in Cassie’s Etsy shop. She’s got brooches and little coin purses and TONS of awesome rings (it was so hard to narrow down the choices for the giveaway!) and clothing, too. And, of course, everything has a great, unique, vintage-y feel to it.

Be sure to follow Cassie on Twitter ( @qofdiamonds16 ) if you’re interested in flea marketing, thrifting, and collecting. She’s always on the hunt for vintage treasures and posts lots of links and pictures … and makes me wish I could step away from this paper on putting together a framework to dispose of pet custody issues and check out my local flea markets and thrift stores instead! 😉 Whoops.

Today’s giveaway is a lovely ring from among Cassie’s wares. I absolutely love this one, even though all of her rings are super cute.

You guys know me. This deep, rich, emerald-turquoise color is basically my most favorite color ever. I even had a conversation with myself (until others joined in) recently on Twitter on how I could care less about cold, plain, sterile diamonds on my engagement ring – I want an emerald. They’re just the best stones ever, in the best color ever. (Brittle, though. I’m going to have to learn to wear my jewelry gently if I don’t want to totally mess up the stone.)

Aside from being a gorgeous turquoise color, I love that the ring is simple, but still bold and eye-catching. It’s a great piece of statement jewelry to add to your collection, and one lucky winner will receive it in the mail, courtesy of Cassie, who is awesome.

I urge all of you to check out her Etsy shop for great pieces like this, and a whole lot more great vintage stuff.

Here’s what you do:

There are several ways to score entries. Each way scores you one entry. The giveaway will start today, March 23, 2011, and will end in one week, on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 12PM CST. Yes, noon on Wednesday. Central time.

The first one MUST be done; others are optional.

1. Comment on this post. Say anything, like, your birthstone and how you feel about it. Personally, I hate my birthstone. Peridot. Really?! I wish it was emerald instead. (You will be asked for an email address in order to post; this is so I can contact the winner. Your email address will NOT be made public.)

Additional entries:

2. “Like” the FB fan page for this blog. Leave a comment here letting me know you have done this, or that you are already a FB friend.

3. Tweet the following: I ❤ vintage upcycled rings – so I entered the giveaway at @huma_rashid’s blog, sponsored by @qofdiamonds16! http://tinyurl.com/4mrbsze When you’ve done this, just leave a comment linking me to the status that says this, so I can just email you instead of trying to contact you on Twitter.

Easy as that! Remember, the giveaway ends in one week, so get your entries in and then forget about it. I’ll be contacting the winner next Wednesday, in the afternoon.

Good luck! And thanks again, Cassie!

(Reminder: all comments go to a moderation queue first so I can filter out the hate and spam comments I always get. So if you don’t see your reply posted even after an hour or two, and you definitely left a comment, don’t worry. 😉 I’ll get around to approving it ASAP. It’s there. Just not public yet.)

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Occasionally I just find that dress that is PERFECT all on its own. It’s simple, elegant, modest enough for work, and doesn’t look like it’s trying too hard. Today is one of those days, so without much further blabbering on my end, head on over to the Working Wardrobe to check it out, or click on the picture.

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Chances are, wherever you are in the continental US, you are up to your eyeballs in snow. Except if you’re lucky enough to be far enough west or south – then you’re fine. But the rest of the country was pummeled by a massive storm system and here in Chicago, we had 18-foot waves in Lake Michigan and 14″ of snow, plus winds at 60mph.

We have named our storm #SnoprahWinfrey. It’s a Chicago thing.

Anyway, most of us were lucky enough to have Wednesday off, but unfortunately, most of us are trudging back into work today. This means bundling up in all the different layers we can find, plus gloves and hats and scarves, and big, warm boots to help us wade through this snow. And if you’re the sort that often wears suits or blazers to work, you know by now that this is the time of the year to whip out the wool blazers and lined pants, if you haven’t already.

So, in honor of Snoprah Winfrey, today’s outfit is low-maintenance, comfortable, and features a wool blazer.

Bootcut Jeans, Medium Wash ………. $15
Slub Polka Dot Top ………. $19.80
Vintage Wool Blazer in Brown ………. $48
Brown Flats ………. $15

Oof. This was hard to pull off because the blazer was pretty expensive – about half my budget! But I went with a pair of jeans (if you can wear those at work, great, if you can’t, perhaps substitute a pair of grey pants in there instead) and a polka dot top from Forever21. Wool blazers are pretty warm, and I always feel most comfortable when I’m wearing something light and short-sleeved under a jacket or sweater.

The blazer is pretty, isn’t it? It’s available in a couple different colors if brown isn’t your thing. I tossed in a pair of simple, comfortable brown flats for you to change into once you get to the office and take off your Uggs.

And there we have a comfortable but warm winter outfit!

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The hardest thing about these posts is the title. The outfit is easy. I just come up with something, find it, put it together in Photoshop, and we’re done. The writing is easy, too: I just move my fingers on the keyboard and stuff spews out. It’s not Pulitzer-worthy, it’s not gibberish (well, most of the time it’s not…some of the time…today), so whatever. But the title is the absolute worst.

A lot of the time, I try to make it about the clothing I use, or the colors. Today I’m using purple and grey. Grey almost makes me think of Earl Grey tea. We usually have some in the house. We are big on chai. We have normal Lipton black tea in tea bags, we have Lipton loose leaf tea, we have this black tea from Kenya, we have Earl Grey, I have this peach black tea that only I drink, I have raspberry pomegranate, peppermint, Arizona green tea in the fridge, peach and mangosteen green tea (it’s icky), and red goji and raspberry green tea (it’s yum).

We’re South Asian, so this shouldn’t surprise anyone. South Asians live for tea. I don’t particularly – I loooove Kona coffee, if I’m going for caffeinated hot drinks – but my parents do. They have 2-4 cups of black tea daily. My mom takes hers with milk and honey, and my dad takes his very lightly steeped with lemon juice. Normally, in Pakistan, that tea is given to the ill.

But chai with milk and honey has always been something of a comfort-beverage for me. If I’m sick, if I’m cold, if I’ve had a long day, I just like to curl up in my Treasure Armchair with my pink blankie, my iTouch, and a big Starbucks mug of chai. And a good book.

Good books are the best. Law students, if any of you still read this former-law-blog, I highly recommend reading a couple non-legal books a year during law school. I know you think you don’t have time. You do. Even twenty minutes of the latest Dan Brown book (ew) a day, before you go to sleep, on the train, at lunch, whatever, will help keep you sane.

Also? John Grisham doesn’t count.

Who are you trying to kid?

As most of you know, 1L year was tough. I had so much reading to do, and it was just such a big culture shock, and I think I would have really snapped if I didn’t have my friend Maurice to keep me company. Maurice is the title character of an E.M. Forster novel that I absolutely treasured. If you haven’t read it, I cannot recommend it enough. That reminds me, I should probably write up a GoodReads review for it.

The thing with me is, I like to read classics. I have always been terrible about reading popular literature. I remember, back in 5th grade, instead of reading the popular YA books of the time, I skipped directly from Far Side of the Mountain and Miss Frisby and the Rats of Nimh to Little Women and Watership Down and Grapes of Wrath. To this day, I have not read any of the Harry Potter books, or any of those chick mystery novels, the heroine of which is to be played by Katherine Heigl in the upcoming movie adaptation, or those Girl Who Played With whatever books.

I’m awful. I know. I don’t mean to be a snob. But I always feel like there are always so many classics that I haven’t read, and I can’t stand the thought.

I’m reading a novel right now, as it turns out, and I absolutely adore it. It’s called the Scarlet Pimpernel, and it’s awesome. Scarlet >>> Purple, which is the other color represented in today’s outfit. The book, which was actually published after the play of the same name/subject (which tanked), is FANTASTIC. I love it so much.

And, as awesome begets awesome (read your Bible, dammit, it’s all in there), it turns out that my favorite show of all time has a Scarlet Pimpernel episode. THAT’S RIGHT. THERE IS A BLACKADDER EPISODE ABOUT THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL. AND IT IS AWESOME.



I remember I gave my Blackadder DVDs to Andy for him to watch over winter break of 1L and he brought them back and was all I COULDN’T DO IT. :C

I was so mad, you guys.


He peed all over my favorite show ever. What a turd.

Anyway, I know that YOU GUYS aren’t turd-like in your ways, and that you’ll love the episode of Blackadder as much as I do, so I have posted it for you. And yes, it’s called Nob and Nobility. BAHAHAHA.

Yeah, it’s like that.

It’s awesome.

Moving on to today’s outfit…

Abstract Floral Skirt ………. $22.80
Lace Trim Cami in White ………. $12.50
Lightweight Scoopneck in Graphite ………. $22.80
Grayland Suede Flats in Purple ………. $34

Crap. I left out the necklace in the picture. I tossed it in because whatever. I had a couple bucks left over. Here it is; click to purchase.

There. Simple enough, right? I picked a pretty purple and grey skirt and went with a grey sweater on top. I kind of would have preferred a sweater that was a little lighter, but whatever. This still works. The scoop is kind of low, though, so I threw in a lace-trimmed camisole. I own these in about 15 different colors, and they’re very soft and comfortable.

I opted for flats again today. I don’t really know why. But these (from Anne Klein) were really cute, so what the heck? And, of course, like I said, I had a couple bucks left over so I threw in a necklace from Forever21.

Yep. Lots of purple and lots of grey. And scarlet has ’em both beat. ALONSI!

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I’m not sure where all of you are located, but chances are, you’re cold. Wherever you are, you’re cold. Even parts of the country that normally don’t get snow have been blanketed with a couple inches of the white fluff, and the gusts of wind and frigid temps that accompany Frosty the Snowman’s DNA are just miserable.

When I pull an outfit together for a blustery winter day, I’m thinking of two things: warmth and comfort. I walk a little more than a mile every day from the train station to my law school, and Chicago is just awful in the winter. Our wind chill often means we deal with temperatures that are effectively in the negatives, and it’s horrendous unless you’re all bundled up.

So for winter, I like layers, but if I can’t manage that, I like sweaters. I’ll usually pull on leggings under my jeans, a thermal tank under my sweater, or a tee under a hoodie (if I’m going super casual for class, which is rare), and then I knot my merino scarf around my neck, pull on this coat my uncle got me from his last expedition to Russia that I’m kind of worried might be real fur (there are no labels on it anywhere! Russia, am I right? With its aversion to labels), and then I grab my wrap-around earmuffs or my Fair Isles hat, and my mittens and I am good to go. Sure I look like a little waddling marshmallow, but I’m okay with that, because I’m warm.

I also think of comfort. Like I said, I walk a lot: sometimes through snow, mincing over ice, or over streets just covered in salt. I need flats or shearling boots that I can change out of once I get there into, you guessed it, comfortable but cute flats. There is absolutely no reason to risk breaking your neck by walking on slippery streets with heels. And besides, ladies, nothing says ‘high maintenance’ like wearing four inch heels when there are as many inches of snow on the ground. Skip it.

That’s why today’s outfit is one of my ideal, go-to outfits for a miserable winter’s day.

Short Sleeve Marled Sweater Dress ………. $17.24
Solid Black Tights ………. $10.50
Women’s Oxford Shoes in Black ………. $24.98
Dark Romance Bracelet ………. $25

Simple enough, right? I picked this cozy, fuzzy looking sweater dress from Macy’s. That’s what I love about Macy’s: they have fabulous sales pretty much all the time, and you can always find some great section in the normal clearance section of the site. This sweater dress looks like any number of the sweater dresses I already own (Chicago girl, remember?), so it was an easy pick.

I kind of wanted to go with brogues for this outfit, which are very similar to oxfords, and finally settled on this pair of black patent oxfords from Aldo. I know some people gripe about Aldo, but I go by my own experience, and I have several shoes from there, and they’ve stood up quite well and I have no complaints. I love patent leather shoes, as my long-time readers will recall from when I first started writing for the Working Wardrobe about a year ago (almost exactly!).

The dress is a little short, so you’ll need tights if you’re wearing it to the office. I threw in a silver bracelet that I thought was pretty and we’re done! There we have a pretty, warm, and comfortable outfit to get us through these chilly winter days.

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