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So I was at a dinner party once. A boring, Desi auntie dinner party. I was too old to play with the kids (I don’t really like kids, anyway – they’re sticky and annoying) and I didn’t feel like gushing about Justin Bieber with the host’s tween daughters and their friends, so I sat with the aunties and, to combat boredom, entertained them with a little parlor trick.

My game was simple: What can I guess about you just by looking at your purse?

When I was a kid my father really emphasized not being nosy. I remember when I was 5 or 6 and we were at the grocery store, the cashier opened her drawer to put the money in, and I saw something pink. I rose up on my toes to get a better look and saw that it was a chapstick. In the car on the drive back my dad yelled at me for being nosy.

So I knew much better than to ask anyone to show me the contents of her purse. You just don’t ask a woman what she carries. It’s so nosy. Or, at least, that’s what I’ve been taught.

I just asked to get a good look at the outside of the bag. I didn’t ask to touch it, but a couple of the aunties passed it over to me as if I somehow needed to touch it in order for my powers to take hold. All I needed was to take a good look at it.

And then I spent the next five or so minutes rattling off a bunch of things I’d guess about that person based on just the bag. I also talked about what that woman wanted the bag to say. It was interesting because I knew one or two of the aunties really well (they were good friends of my mom’s) and one or two of them I knew well enough, and the rest were basically strangers or distant acquaintances. And I pretty much nailed each one, which impressed them all more than it should have. I mean, it’s not like it’s hard or anything.

So on Twitter that night, I was talking about my little parlor game and solicited pictures of the bags that some of you carry. I did one or two on the spot, and was, again, dead-on, which was pretty fun. And I promised I’d do some more profiles for this blog. I’m not sure if these actually count as a BCS post, but whatever, I’m counting them anyway. I’ll probably end up doing an actual outfit AND a purse post for a couple days, so it’ll be a two-fer.

And I figured the best way to start was with my purse. This is the purse I carry pretty much all the time. And, because it’s me, I decided I’d show you the contents. You guys already know a ton about me – I don’t really have anything to hide in terms of what I keep in my purse.

Longchamp, Le Pliage

I love my little Longchamp.

I had a grey one before that I bought YEARS ago but it was old and worn down and I needed to replace it, so I went with the red one because it just felt right.

I don’t generally like shapeless tote bags or hobos, but larger bags with some kind of structure or shape, or cute little clutches (like my tan leather envelope clutch, which is amazing but not fancy, which I like, because I can take it anywhere and not look … well, fancy).

The material is great for all-purpose use: I never worry about taking it out in the rain or anything like that. It’s pretty stain-resistant, too, and whatever does get on it is easy to get off. It’s large and spacious, but I like the trapezoid shape which generally holds no matter what I cram in there. That shape retention is kind of important to me – again, I don’t like shapeless things.

The handles are leather, and strong. I can stuff my fat wallet, my keys, my iPod, my phone, AND my little Toshiba laptop in there and not worry about it messing with the handles. The stitching is reinforced and they’re nice and thick, so I don’t have to worry about it. Of course, I don’t keep a lot of stuff in there all the time, but when I do, it’s fine.

The logo on the flap makes me happy whenever I look at it, because it reminds me of one of my favorite Manet paintings, the Races at Longchamp.

See? Gorgeous.

It’s not a huge painting, but the way it’s done, it feels like the horses are coming right at you. I think it was one of the first paintings of that time period, of horse races, where the viewer was standing right at the finish line, viewing the horses directly, instead of off to the side.


Anyway, also note the zipper and the flap. The zipper zips up all the way, of course, and there’s a flap that buttons up on top of it. Even if you leave the zipper open but have the flap in place, not even buttoned, necessarily, it’s very difficult for someone to stick his or her hand in there without you noticing. It was designed that way, apparently, for that very reason: to make it a little more theft-proof.

This bag says a lot of things to me, if I view it objectively and try to separate it from what I know about myself.

The girl who owns this is kind of conservative in a lot of ways. I see pea coats and pearls. She’s always put together, even if she’s not always fancy or immediately striking. She might be a little buttoned up, but maybe not. I’d lean that way, though.

The red is bold, though, so I’d imagine that the girl who owned this had a little bit of that in her. A little cheekiness, I guess, but she keeps it in check. The material isn’t leather but that synthetic stuff, which tells me that the girl likes things that she’s able to care for easily, things that are low-maintenance and retain their character and quality for quite a while.

There is a zipper AND a flap, which tells me that the girl is probably a little guarded in a lot of ways.

And, knowing myself the way I do, I’d say that’s more or less accurate. Accurate enough.

On to the contents, which say more about me as a person than any of my purses ever could.

First, I should mention that a couple things that are ALWAYS in my purse are missing.

For one, several lip glosses. They’re sitting on my coffee table and in my backpack. I carry around 8 lipglosses with me at a time, even though I have rarely ever used one while I’m out in public. They’re kind of like a security blanket, I guess. I just have to have them with me. Even if the color doesn’t even go that great with my outfit.

Second, a long piece of twine. I always carry twine with me. You just never know when you’ll need it. Like, once, my trunk latch thing broke at the train station in the morning and wouldn’t close, no matter how much some of the other men who were commuting that morning tried to rig it. That evening I had to drive home at like 3 mph (thank goodness I live 2 miles from the station and can take all side streets home) otherwise the trunk would fly up and totally obstruct my view. I had it taped down with the first aid tape in the kit I always keep in my car, and that held it until I got home and my dad fixed it. Ever since then, I’ve carried twine, because twine would have been great for looping through the latch and fastening it.

The reason I don’t have my twine in my bag right now is because three days ago, one our neighbors’ dogs, who looks just like Marmaduke, got loose. Kelly was running loose all over the neighborhood, cutting through yards and cul de sacs, and she’s kind of an absurdly stupid dog who LOVES to dash in front of cars repeatedly (she thinks it’s a game? she wins if she doesn’t get run over?) so really, it was only a matter of time before she got struck. So Neighbor Boy, his little brother, and I were chasing her through our streets and trying to corner her, and we finally did. She’s a big dog, so I couldn’t just drag her back to her house, so I tied the twine to her collar and made a makeshift lease and we all walked back to return her to the family that lives a couple houses down from us.

Great Danes are so pretty, but I swear this one (Kelly) has the intellectual capacity of dryer lint.

So the neighbors have my stupid twine. 😐 Their dog is so goddamn stupid.

Also, my iPod. It’s not in the picture because I used it to take the picture. Duh.

Other than that, here’s what I almost always have in my purse at a given time:

  1. A notebook. Always. You never know when you’ll remember something you need to do, or if you’ll come up with a great idea, or hear a great book or music recommendation. And frankly, you look like a goober typing it out on your little iPhone. 😛 Sometimes I draw little things in it.
  2. Writing utensils. Those are pencils I stole from my midterms and finals. I always have at least one pen so I can actually use my little notebook. Obviously.
  3. An old cigar pouch with a new cigar in it. I can’t leave that lying around on the coffee table because my mom would flip out. I think my dad already suspects I smoke cigars but he has yet to call me out on it. It’s funny because when his one friend from Pakistan is over, the one who loves cigars, my dad’s like, “oh, Huma, what’s the name of that cigar place?” And I have to give him directions to my cigar bar in Schaumburg. (I go to Iwan Ries when I’m in Chicago and want to smoke. Best place EVER. Oldest family run cigar shop in the country.)
  4. The doo-hickie that lets me listen to my iPod in the car. I clip it in and turn on the radio and sing along and sound like a bunch of cats being tortured.
  5. My fat wallet. Cream, leather, Nine West. I can’t remember having anything other than a Nine West wallet since junior high, when I decided I should have a wallet. I just like NW.
  6. Nail Envy (original formula) and Avoplex (just a bunch of oils and Vitamin E). I don’t know why I carry these everywhere. I think I only have them in my purse so I can be certain not to lose them in the cesspool that is my bedroom.
  7. This awesome purple nail polish I found at Delia’s, of all places, that I am currently wearing on my toes.
  8. Hand lotion/balm/emollient. It’s from the Body Shop, I think, and smells fantastic. I used to have to use it all the time because my hands get so WHITE and dry and gross, but ever since I started drinking tons of water I don’t have that problem.
  9. Oh, God. Eyeliner pencil in midnight from CoverGirl, liquid eyeliner in black from E.L.F. (which is FANTASTIC in every way and only $1), and mineral liquid eyeliner in black from this one shop on Etsy. And Maybelline mascara. I bought it mainly for the brush, which is good, but not as good as the Define-A-Lash brush. There is NO REASON for one girl to carry this much eyeliner. I never even use it unless I’m wearing my contacts out, which is kind of rare. Ugh. I think eyeliner is becoming my new security blanket. Either that or I keep them here so I can be sure not to lose them.
  10. Tape measure. A lady should never leave home without a tape measure.
  11. I don’t know why I carry a hair brush. I am usually sporting a blow-out, so my hair rarely tangles or snarls, even on windy days. There’s really no reason for me to carry this.
  12. Sally Beauty card. I only go to Sally for EcoStyler stuff, which is olive oil infused hair gel that I use if I want to wear my hair naturally (that is, in tight ringlets and waves – yes, tight ringlets AND waves because my hair is weird). But I have a card because I have a hard time saying no, even to pushy sales ladies. (See how much you’ve learned about me already?)
  13. JMLS I.D. I lost the first one. Like a million times. One time Andy found it on the floor after our last final in the Fall1L term. He brought it to the bar where we all were and was like, you idiot. 😐 And then when I finally lost it and didn’t get it back, I had to pay for a new one. Idiot.
  14. My red Zippo lighter. I love it. I love touching it. It’s got this really cool rubbery coating that just feels nice.
  15. Change. It always falls out of my wallet.
  16. A packet of sugar. Remember how Andy was saying that he found the Huma Doll sitting on top of the vending machine eating packets of sugar, and then it went limp when it saw him? Yeah. The sugar packets thing wasn’t just some random tidbit he threw in there. I legit carry a sugar packet in my purse and have for months. 😐
  17. Itr/Attar. It’s a perfumed oil that was used by the Prophet (S) so it’s sunnah to use it. Mine smells like jasmine. I have tons of different scents – lavender, lilacs, musk – but this is the one I usually carry.
  18. Mineral lipstick in Cheerful Cherry from E.L.F. It is AWESOME and only costs like $3 or $5. It’s one of the few products from E.L.F. that I’ll use because it’s just that good. The little tube is Clinique lip gloss in some-shade-of-red. It’s a very blue red, which I love.
  19. Three loose aspirin. You guys know I like pills.
  20. Checkbook, mostly for the train passes I always have to buy each month or week.
  21. Westlaw swag: Highlighters! You never know when you’ll need them.

And there we have it: perhaps the most revealing look at the Hoomster that you’ve ever seen on here, and it’s been nothing more than my purse and what I carry in it.

If you submitted a picture of a purse to me, you’ll see it profiled on this blog at some point in the near future. If you submitted several, I’ll probably pick one at first, and if I feel like it I’ll keep going after I’ve gone through every person that turned one in. If you want to submit a picture of your purse, send it to me at hrashid24@gmail.com.


I’m back to posting at the Working Wardrobe after a month-long hiatus from blogging, and I found a cute little tunic at Forever21, and proceeded to age it up a bit. So much of their stuff is so … young. And … kind of trashy/cheap looking. But occasionally you can find things that work … or can be made to work, per Tim Gunn.

So click here, or on the picture of the adorable wall art there to get over to the Working Wardrobe and see what I came up with for today.

Zenzele: A Letter for My DaughterZenzele: A Letter for My Daughter by J. Nozipo Maraire

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is one of the most beautiful and poignant books I’ve ever read. It was given to me by Ms. Seaton, an English teacher at my high school. I had never had a single class with her, but she was apparently so taken with me based on what her colleagues said about me that she gave me this as a graduation present and said she wanted me to have it, that she thought I could learn and appreciate a lot from it. And she was right. I should add that we’d never before spoken, aside from hello’s in the hall, when she gave me this book. I remember that fondly and with surprise: that a (white) woman that was basically for all intents and purposes a complete stranger would read me so well and be moved enough to give me this as a present. I have to reread it now.

And yes, it matters that Ms. Seaton is white. It informs this little anecdote that she is Caucasian, and thought that I needed to read this book, and recognized some kind of cultural struggle in me, if not at that point in my life, then in the future.

“How could I allow you to grow up reading Greek classics, and watch you devour The Merchant of Venice and Romeo and Juliet, yet be ignorant of the lyrical, the romantic, and the tragic that have shaped us as Africans?”

So begins a letter to a daughter named Zenzele.

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Yes. The girl from the phone commercials. What? I think she’s adorable. Don’t pretend you don’t. She usually wears pink, but I think my favorite outfit of hers was her in this dress that was red and pink and white on the top with a hot pink skirt, and of course, her hot pink heels. Too much pink for a normal office look, so I scaled it down a bit.

Click either here or on the picture to get over to HeaveMedia and check it out.

I was thinking about the best way to illustrate my friendship with one Andy [Redacted]. Also, I really wanted to draw an elephant. And maybe a weird-ass bird of some sort. Animals not drawn to scale. No animals were harmed in the making of this cartoon, but I did wipe my nose with a squirrel.

Click for larger images, because I’ve finally gotten the hang (kinda) of drawing larger pictures.

The proud elephant treks across the African savanna. Standing at twelve feet tall, with tusks exceeding a length of seven feet, he is truly the gentle giant of the plain.

Highly intelligent, the elephant knows he is not immune to the hardships of the savanna. Besieged by ticks and other pests, he welcomes the company of the red-billed oxpecker, and becomes its gracious host.

The colorful red-billed oxpecker thrives in large, chattery flocks, but seeks larger mammals to aid in its survival. This little one will eat around 70 engorged female ticks a day, along with 700 larvae. Though it enjoys feasting on ticks, its favorite food is blood, and it is known to peck directly at its host’s wounds, keeping them fresh and open to parasites.

Together, the oxpecker and elephant live in harmony on the African savanna.

Andy [Redacted] walks through Grant Park on a beautiful Chicago day. A gregarious man, he enjoys wandering around the city when it’s warm and sunny. He must take great care not to get sunburned, however, because he is so very, very pale and Scottish.

He is accompanied by his LawSkoolBFF, who does not wish to walk on her own, as her legs have not yet figured out how to be as long as his. Having developed rather protective feelings for his hapless, generally inept friend, Andy [Redacted] allows her to follow him around. This is mostly because she is amusing, prone to unpredictable fits of anger, and often needs help opening 100-calorie snackie-packs.

The diminutive South Asian greatly enjoys being carried around. Frankly, she feels she deserves it. She has formed a symbiotic attachment to Andy [Redacted] mostly because he keeps creepy menfolk away from her, and is proficient in reaching things in high places. Furthermore, he is quite entertaining when inebriated, and is nice to all of her friends.

Sometimes her ice cream drips in his hair, but she does not inform him of this. Frankly, she feels he deserves it.

Together, this intrepid duo braves law school and terrible people, arguing ferociously all the while.

I will be working the Purse Profiles in soon, but wanted to put up a post for today really quickly. Here are some of the things that really stood out to me in today’s Beyond the Rack offering. If you want an invite, reply here and FILL OUT THE PART OF THE COMMENT FORM THAT ASKS FOR YOUR EMAIL.

No email? No invite. Last time a couple of you replied asking for an invite and didn’t give me an email. I’m not going to chase you down and ask for it. If you want an invite, follow directions. Several of you did and you got your invite. It’s not rocket science.

Here are some of the things that jumped out at me. Click to purchase. You will need to be logged into your BTR account. (Again, I can send you an invite. No biggie.)

These shoes are from Markito, which is all about reinventing leather footwear. It’s the same shoe in different colors.




These are purses. Obviously. 😐


Now, this one struck me as interesting. I’m not sure that I would want to buy it for myself, but it really just kind of grabbed me. I’ll tell you what it is: It’s the interesting use of hardware here.

I mean, really, look at those fangs! Look at the shape and color and material of this bag … and then look at those fangs. I love the unexpectedness of it all. The bag is black, so, yeah, a conservative color. It’s got a shape reminiscent of bowler bags, frankly, with the poofed out sides.So it’s got that soft, gentle but still structured shape with the seaming there … and then it’s got FREAKING FANGS.

This screams to me, classic, conservative, unassuming girl … with claws. Who will mess you up if you look at her wrong.


This purse is one I’d be more likely to buy, I think. I kind of like weird purses. I’m into that now. And I love the color of this one, and the pebbled look, and I’m really digging the square but slouchy shape. I think I’d keep the strap on it most of the time, but definitely ditch it when the occasion called for it. Like if I was meeting someone for coffee or drinks to discuss something serious – not an interview or anything, but something more than ‘omg let’s catch up and you can fill me in on your ex boyfriend is a psycho’. I’d definitely take off the strap, which would just clack around on the table or bar counter when I set it down. That annoys me. Same reason I despise metal chains on handbags.

And there we have today’s Beyond The Rack Roundup. These items are up for one day, so move fast. If you need an invite, leave me your email address. If you fill out the comment form with your email address in the email field, it won’t be published publicly. Only I will be able to see it. If you put it in the comment field, it’ll show up to everyone.

Welp, April is over. It’s officially May, and I’m supposed to be officially back to blogging my daily outfits. And I will be, I promise! Just not until Tuesday, most likely, or possibly Wednesday, when I’ll have my post up at HeaveMedia.

I have a monster Sex Crimes paper due Monday. It’s about prison rape and how the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 has no teeth, and it proposes a bunch of solutions to combat this epidemic that, unfortunately, forms the basis of so many jokes in popular culture. I was struggling to come up with a paper topic for this class and Andy suggested prison rape right off the top of his head (he’s looking at the different tiers of prostitution, from, like, street-walkers all the way up to high-class escorts, and his paper sounded really interesting from his presentation).

And I was like, yeah, okay, maybe, and then I was watching like five Family Guy episodes in a row the next day and there was one with like 4 prison rape jokes in the span of two minutes and that pretty much settled it.

Click to watch the episode I'm talking about.

Besides, learning about prisons and prison reform is kind of my new thing. I have a bunch of books from BetterWorldBooks about those topics sitting on my desk and I can’t WAIT until I have the free time to read them.

My Animal Law paper is due tomorrow, but I turned it in last week because I’ve been done with it for a month (YAY for planning ahead! Otherwise I’d have to shoot myself in the face right now). My prof said it was the best paper she’d read in six years of teaching the course. It was about the disposition of pet custody issues, and basically discussed how the present method of treating pets as mere property for purposes of division of assets, like in divorce cases, was inadequate and a remnant of the past when animals were valued mostly for their functional use.

I mean, really, those of you that own dogs, for example – can you honestly say that Fido is worth his fair market value and not a cent more? That he’s no different than a dishwasher, or a pair of shoes? That rule, established in 1897, struck me as hideously antiquated and not at all a sensible way of deciding who got custody of a family pet in a divorce case. So I proposed carving out a new category of property called “living property,” to include companion animals (of any species legally zoned for the parties’ respective domiciles – so … no tigers or alligators, but a pet pig or some other less traditional pet would be covered) and even plants. Because some people are crazy and have tremendous attachment to and affection for their plants.

Personally, I can’t relate. All my plants die just to spite me. 😡

Living property would be treated as an intermediate kind of property, somewhere between chattel, where it’s just property and nothing more, and real property, where every piece of real estate is considered unique. There would be property concerns that would factor into disposition of custody issues – who bought the dog? Who pays its bills? etc – and concerns that are more associated with family heirlooms – that is, which party spends the most time with the dog? Which party has the greatest sentimental attachment to it? This way, animals will be treated a bit better than, say, a dishwasher or a car, and will be on par with, say, that antique ring that great-grandma smuggled with her through the Holocaust or the Partition or pick-your-genocide.

I put up this picture of a kid and a pit bull mainly because I hate the misconceptions about the breed. Pit bulls are not somehow inherently dangerous killing machines. More often than not, an overly aggressive and dangerous pit bull is the fault of the owner - either through very poor training, or abuse. Any dog would be dangerous and bite-y if it was constantly abused by people. Some of the pit bulls I've trained at the shelter are aggressive, yes, but with kindness and gentle treatment - and by just being calm around them - I've seen them all let their guard down and go back to being the sweet, smart, loyal, and very affectionate dogs that they are. They're my absolute favorite breed ever, along with German Sheps.

(Wow, that caption looks absurdly long due to the width of the picture, but whatever, it’s a valid point and I’m keeping it.)

Anyway, my prof loved it and wants it to be published and also presented to a bunch of Chicago judges who handle divorce cases, so that’s exciting. Totally getting an A in that class.

Plus, I have a final sometime in May. I don’t really know when. I’ll deal with that later. And also, I really hope I didn’t fail the final for my 1-credit class that I took in late April, because I need that 1 credit, damn it. I probably didn’t though. InshaAllah. 😐 Ugh.

And then, of course, graduation crap. We have to pick up our cap and gown on the 20th, and I’m planning to bro it up with Andy that day, I think. Burgers, cigars, toasting to industry, all that.

I will not be drinking cognac, I promise. Only Andy will. I don't like to drink anything with my cigars. I know that, as a teetotaler, I have the option of espresso, but I just don't like drinking anything with them, period.

And then Sunday is graduation, and my BFF and her mom are coming down from Iron Mountain, MI, for the ceremony. And to see me and hang with my family. 🙂 So that will be LOVELY.

This is from the last time she was in Chicago. February or March?

And then we’ll see what happens. I’m optimistic.

But yes. I will be back to blogging soon. Very, very soon. And regularly! And with more cartoons!

Basically, here’s what I have planned.

  • More posts about sales and local deals. Beyond the Rack, Gilt Groupe, Rue La La, if they’re selling something business-casual-y, you’re going to hear about it. And if you want an invite, all you have to do is leave a comment with your name and email field filled out, and you will get one. If you do not leave me your email, I CANNOT HELP YOU. I’ve said that 80 times and I still get comments with no emails that are like Ooh, I can haz invite? And I’m like, no, moron, you can’t, because you can’t follow directions and have left me no way with which to invite you BECAUSE I NEED AN EMAIL ADDRESS. 😐 And local deals will, predictably, be Chicago-based. Because that’s where I live.
  • Shopping trip posts. I hate shopping, you guys. Nothing ever fits me. So I will occasionally do posts about my misadventures while shopping – showing you clothes that look darling, but then turn out to be ill-fitting and ill-conceived and not at all flattering. Basically, I’ll just be showing you things that most likely won’t work, and why, so that you can learn to quickly spot them and move on without wasting time in the fitting room or, worse, money at the register. I got a request to do more personal posts like these, so, what the heck. This is all for fun, anyway. I’m certainly not srs bzns about anything on here, and have no problem sharing my shopping horror stories. GOD I HATE SHOPPING.
  • On the scene One-Stop-Shops. As a little challenge, I’ll wind up at a random clothing store in my area and try to put together an outfit using only things in that store, for under the $100. It’s harder than it sounds. And Amanda is making me do it.
  • Kate Middleton-inspired outfits. We’ve been seeing lots of pre-wedding candids of her out and about, and I’ve loved most of her outfits. And she’s kind of super popular right now, and I know for a fact that a lot of you love reading about her, if my site stats are any indication, so I’ll be supplying you with plenty of many more Duchess of Cambridge-y outfits.
  • How To Dress Like A French Woman. This is going to be my new mini-series-thing for MyShingle, but I’ll be linking to it here. Basically, I’ll show you with about a week’s worth of outfits how to dress like a French woman.
  • Minimalism. I’m going to put together about 20 outfits, an entire month’s worth of posts here, using the same few pieces. Maybe the same ten pieces? Who knows. My point is to show you that you can buy some basic AND trendy/stand-out things and then just keep mixing and matching them for completely different looks. It’ll save you closet space AND money AND some stress that comes with being bombarded with too many choices.
  • Cartoons. OMG. I have cartoons planned, you guys. About me and Andy doing stupid things, about my new obsession with baths and essential oils, about my Gma and how everyone in my family is CRAZY, and more.
  • Book posts. Yes. I have a book journal. And I usually keep my posts about books there. But occasionally I’ll read a book that is just so awesome that I have to cross-post my GoodReads review with it here.  Gah. I have too many blogs. And I haven’t even linked you to my sekrit rishta (marriage/proposal/whatever) blog where I just complain about my parents’ attempts to get me married and present me with suitors for my hand. Sigh. Oddly, I manage to have a life. I swear I do, guys. I have an actual social life, and I do things removed from the computer, like read and paint and build birdhouses. Okay, I only built one. But still. I’m counting it.
  • Other random stuff, I’m sure. You guys know me. You know I have the attention span of a gnat. I’ll probably think of something else to post about here and run with it. It will probably be insane. You will probably scour the Interwebz trying to find my address so you can tell the nice men with the white jackets where to find me. It will be a normal Wednesday for everyone.

So, yeah, thanks for sticking around during my month-long hiatus because law school is terrible. 🙂 And if you ever have any requests or comments or suggestions, or if you just want to harass me, feel free to drop me an email at hrashid24@gmail.com.

I actually don’t mind being harassed. That’s why I find myself in scary situations so often. :/