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With me? Yes. It’s always something. I remember last year, I got swine flu. I’m sure something happened 1L year, but I’ve basically repressed that entire year, so whatever. And this year? I was hospitalized the night before my last final and taking a Vicodin every 3 hours (!!!) for three days afterward.

(I had a kidney stone. You might have heard. I’m fine now. It’s excruciating and makes you want to kill yourself.)

So of course, once they administered the morphine and I was no longer fantasizing about carving out my innards with an icicle just so I could be rid of the mind-numbing pain, I thought to email my professor and let him know that I wouldn’t be able to make it.

You know, because I had a little rock traveling on its merry way to my bladder.


I’m sorry this is gross and TMI. But deal with it. Whatever.

Got my exam rescheduled for Monday (no one so much as said ‘feel better,’ by the way, which I thought was kind of douchey and which I will remember when cutting – I mean, not cutting – donation checks at an alumna, cough, cough) and trekked in to the city in pain and mild delirium to take it. Who knows how I did? There was a question about the crab. So I sang “under the sea” to myself for a while, even though I frigging hate that song.

Finally took it and then came home and slept like the dead. It was great. I put on my little Ocean Sounds track on my iPod, closed the blinds, pulled my blankie all the way over my head, and dreamt of absolutely nothing. Because deep sleep is delightful.

And now I’m back, and starting tomorrow, I shall pick up my fashion posting again. Tomorrow’s my day at Heave, and I’m sure I’ll have some fabulous TV character or celebrity trainwreck for you to dress like.



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So my Remedies exam is today, and this just happened while I was talking to the LawSchoolBFF, BobBlahBlawg.

Andy: I was looking over our stuff and…we don’t actually have to know that much.

Me: OMG, I know. I was looking at my outline like, I know this sh-t.

Andy: But hey, we are all screwed on equal footing.


[two seconds later]

Me: Click. Okay, if we get a question on equal footing, Imma just write that first sentence over and over 8 times. Done. NEXT.

Andy: Wurt? No, I meant, we’re all equally screwed.


We’re losing our damn minds.

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As you guys have noticed, I have been gone for a while. This is because of final exams, not because I suddenly decided I hated all of you. I do still hate most of you, but that’s to be expected. After all, you guys *are* pretty terrible. Especially you in the second row with the Flaming Hot Cheetos.

So I will be back, presumably, once I’m done with my 5 final exams and that paper I have to hand in on the limitations of Martha Nussbaum’s capabilities approach in its consideration of those that are seriously mentally or physically impaired. I’m sure my prof ripped my first draft apart because he likes Nussbaum and although I do, too, I ripped her approach to answering the first of justice’s three unsolved problems apart.

So, yes, when I am done, I shall be back. ❤

And for those of you that didn't even notice I was gone, that's it. FRIENDSHIP OVER.

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Okay, so, yeah, finals are upon us, which means I’m basically only doing two posts a week for Heave and the Working Wardrobe. Because things are nuts, you guys. BLAH. So for today, my Heave post is about Kate Middleton, Prince William’s bride-to-be. Click here or click the picture below to get over to Heave.

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