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Best friends cardigan

Image by AnnaKika via Flickr

Ugh, apparently, I forgot to post my entry for yesterday, because I was busy with lots of other crap. And still am today. See, this is why being at school is great for my blog schedule: at around 9AM, 9:30, 10, whenever I get around to actually posting, I’m usually sitting in class, with nothing else to do. I mean, God forbid I actually pay attention to what’s going on. 😛

But when I’m on vacation, I either sleep in until 9, and then spend an hour walking around in a disoriented vacation haze, and then realize, OH CRAP I NEED TO POST THINGS, or I am up early around 6 or whatever for Fajr, and by the time 9AMish rolls around, I’ve already launched into the day’s tasks and just completely forget.

So, whatever. Here’s a quick post today about beating the office chill with a bunch of comfy, cozy cardigans. Head on over to the Working Wardrobe for my post.


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Pocahontas (Disney)

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I’m in a Disney mood, I guess. That’s the only thing that can explain today’s post inspired by Pocahontas. Before anyone freaks out, no, I did not use random tribal jewelry or shirts marked up with tribal print in an attempt to rip off and (mis)appropriate Native American culture. I mean, it’s fine, in my opinion, when fabric bears prints inspired by Native American prints, but you have to look at the context in which it’s done, otherwise you’ve got Ke$ha (pronounced, keh-dollar-hah, emphasis on the hah) prancing around in a headband, and that’s just gross. Not because it’s Ke$ha, although she doesn’t help matters.

Whatever, just click here to go look at my outfit for today at HeaveMedia.

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So, apparently, Emma Roberts exists. This was news to me. Apparently, she’s Julia Roberts’s niece and she’s in movies and she does things and she’s very thin. So, great news, you guys! We get another Julia Roberts for the next 50 years! Yaaay! BECAUSE ONE WASN’T ENOUGH.


Nah, I’m being unfair. I probably only get the bitchy twit  vibe from Emma because of her aunt. Who sucks. Massively. Copiously. With bells on. She’s probably a perfectly nice girl.


Here’s a picture of her being totally upstaged by the awesome guy in the crocodile mask. I mean, Emma who?

See? Isn’t that dude awesome? And also, Emma Roberts is terribly thin. Look at those legs!

You probably don’t want to wear pants that tight to work. So let’s see what I came up with. You’ll have to forgive me for the shoes. They are ugly. But pickings were slim. Just wear cute black pumps or something. It’s fine. EVERYTHING IS FINE JUST CALM THE HELL DOWN.

High Waist Pant in Black ………. $21.99
Prima Cotton Tee in Grey ………. $24.50
Pleat Shoulder Cardigan in Peach Nectar ………. $19.90
TREASA Pumps in Black ………. $24.49

Simple enough, right? I picked a pair of high waisted black pants, much more work appropriate than the black hiphugger jeans Emma is wearing.

Underneath we have a simple grey tee, with a pale peach cardigan. Emma’s wearing ugly motorcycle boots because apparently that’s edgy and cool. And also ugly. I picked a pair of black pumps, but they’re pretty meh, so just grab the cute black pumps you have stashed in your closet. I KNOW THEY’RE THERE.

Also, to really make this outfit complete, you really should have a dude in a crocodile mask follow you around.

Or, at the very least, buy Kroko.

He suffers from paranoid psychosis.


It’s very sad.



God, you people.

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Yes, dear readers, the day has come. The day has come to unveil my fabulous BobBlahBlawg fanmix. Devotees will remember that BobBlahBlawg is Andy, my lawskoolBFF. He is also a galloping turd. But we can’t hold this against him. (Yes, we can.)

Now, generally, Andy wears things. Sweaters. Shirts. Pants of some sort. I don’t know, just, generally, things. Perhaps he wears a belt. Or maybe he holds his pants up with a piece of rope. I don’t know!

Still, despite my general lack of knowledge as to his daily appearance, I have seen fit to put together an outfit, for the fellas, inspired by the dear boy. I have also seen fit, since I have a little extra time on my hands, to put together a fanmix about the kid. It’s not so much about him – his qualities, his aspirations, all the things that he does that cause me to gleefully await the day he falls off a cliff because he is basically the most horrible person ever – but is based on various, somewhat-memorable things he has said during our close, two and a half year friendship.

To understand this, you really have to understand just how much time we have spent together over the past two and a half years. I spent more time with him than I did with my own mother. We’ve had most of our classes together, we always rode the train home together, and we talked all the time. Still do. That’s basically what this mix is about.

Since I cannot link you to actual music files to download, I am linking all the songs to YouTube videos. So you’ll get the general idea. If you like a particular tune, I’m sure you’ll be able to find it on Amazon or iTunes.

Below is the cover art, with track information, and all the pertinent links. The quotes are various conversation, texts, etc, between us over the years. I tried not to include any that would embarrass the turd, but whatever. Enjoy!

Track List:

1. We Are Going To Be Friends – The White Stripes

[first day of law school orientation]

Andy: Hey, so, by the way, I’m Andy. Andy [redacted].
Me: Huma.
Andy: So…this sucks, doesn’t it?
Me: Totally.

2. We Are All In This Together – Ben Lee

Andy: So, according to this presentation, at some point during our careers as lawyers, we’re either going to be alcoholics, clinically depressed and/or suicidal, or addicted to pills.
Huma: I call pills.
Andy: …Yeah, I’ve got the alcohol covered. Good deal.

3. Afternoon Delight – Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell)

“Afternoon Delight is my favorite song to sing randomly.”

4. Special Brew – Bad Manners

“I’m going to make the argument in ConLaw today that 3.2% beer is technically not an alcoholic beverage.”

5. Why Does It Always Rain On Me? – Travis

“Everything is terrible. Can we just agree on that? Everything is always terrible.”

6. Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games – Of Montreal

“On the way to Knox! Man, I love that place. At Knox, about to get my drunk on. Had three beers in thirty minutes. Others are starting to get tipsy. LIGHTWEIGHTS. Oh man this whiskey is awwwwesome. #Wiskeyhwin. I’ve been holding this ashtray for about 30 minutes now. No one will tell me why. Hi, my name is Andy; I don’t exist. My pants have apparently run off. #nopantswin. There’s a girl over thrrr but Bodry is sber n he says she loosk like a wildebst. Asdflkjadlfjasdflkjadf.”

Happy Flunk Day, Knox students!

7. I’m Not Jesus – Ramones

“Jesus was born in June. My birthday is in June. Therefore, I am the second coming. I am applying evangelical logic to everything now.”

8. The Superhero Song – Drake Bell

“Be sure to tell hunnies that I save babies, okay? That’s your job as my wingwoman.”

9. Fuck You – Cee-Lo Green

“I really should have been a soul singer.”

10. A Night At The Roxbury (What Is Love?) – Haddaway

“I usually go out, like, to a party, drink, talk to jerks, someone does something that absolutely disgusts me, and then I come home and watch Saturday Night Live with you.”

11. Change My Pants (I Don’t Wanna) – The Vandals

Andy: I got drunk with Jeffrey McDaniel once at nineteen. He kept taking layers of clothing off. He wore like six shirts. We started getting freaked out at about shirt three.
Huma: Yeah, that’s a good benchmark to get freaked out at when a drunk poet is disrobing in front of you.

12. Stay Away – Nirvana

“I’m making a policy not to talk about grades because everyone’s on bullshit right now.”

13. How’s It Gonna End? – Tom Waits

“I love Tom Waits. I just found a clip of the show of his that I went to on YouTube. I sat next to a lesbian couple. And this girl I was with kept trying to get me to talk to them. And I kept being like, THEY’RE GOING TO KILL ME.”

14. We Major – Kanye West featuring Nas

Andy: See, Kanye and I are a lot alike.
Huma: You both won’t shut up about all the Grammys you never won?
Andy: That. And, we’re both from the suburbs of Chicago…
Me: And you were both trying to bring the nerd look back at one point.
Andy: Ha, that, too. And we both have teachers for moms who predominantly raised us, and we’re both precocious. We’ve got our own styles. Our mouths get us in trouble. We’re both great rappers.
Huma: This is true.
Andy: I think I’m more composed than him, though.

15. The Wrestler – Bruce Springsteen

“You know the movie, The Wrestler? It’s basically about my life.”

16. Megalomaniac – Incubus

“We need to go sit in that courtroom and wave those giant foam fingers. I mean, we’re basically Blago’s best friends.”

17. Youth Culture Killed My Dog – They Might Be Giants

“I love how one of the Jonases is obviously not from the same father as the other.”

18. But She Beat My High Score – Say Hi To Your Mom

“You steal all my good ideas and package them as your own and don’t even give me anything. You sit on a throne of lies.”

19. Friends – Flight of the Conchords

Andy: Because I’d just score on you, and you’d get mad, and take the ball and go home.
Huma: Well, sure, but that’s no excuse.


Now let’s move on to the random outfit. That’s kind of why I rarely put up outfits for boys on here: what am I going to do? It’s pants, some sort of shirt, and some sort of sweater that isn’t clashing horribly with it. And shoes. That’s it. But whatever.

Straight Leg Jeans …….. $19.99
Striped Point Collar Dress Shirt in Blue ………. $20
Turnberry Solid V-Neck Sweater in Green Heather ………. $25
YADON Shoes in Dark Brown ………. $31.49

This is just ridiculously simple. Andy wears jeans. This is not life-changing. Thankfully, he doesn’t wear skinny jeans. Otherwise I would not be his friend. No, no, Andy wears normal boy jeans that are not too baggy and definitely not too tight, and effectively hide his thunder.

As for shirts, he wears shirts. I’m almost positive about that. They are usually collared. Once he wore his Dark Lord t-shirt (beer), and everyone was super scandalized. And once he was upset because he bought this shirt thinking it was one color but then it turned out to be purple and he was all WUT I DO NOT WEAR DRESS SHIRTS WITH PURPLE STRIPES ON THEM and I was all AY KWITCHER BITCHIN because I don’t take kindly to that sort of thing.


Also, the point collar here is a no brainer. There are a couple different collar types, and certain ones look flattering on certain facial shapes, but point collars are flattering for every single one. So, yeah, no-brainer.

As for sweaters…here is one. It is green. That is terribly exciting. 😐

No, but I kind of like him in green sweaters. I think – don’t quote me on this, because I don’t generally notice these things – he’s got a bit of green in his eyes. Like, they’re hazel-ish, goldenish, but with a green outer rim. It’s pretty, and it’s why green looks pretty on him. (Watch, his eyes are actually dark brown, and he’s reading this thinking SHE IS BLIND AS SIN, and he’s not that far off base, really.)

You know who had gorgeous eyes? My other LawSkoolBFF (don’t tell Andy I was cheating on him in the early days!), Perry. Perry had these gorgeous emerald green eyes with flecks of golden and hazel in the middle. I’d just stare at him all the time because they were that beautiful.

But yes. I also like the turd in orange sweaters, mostly because he never really wears them. But I like orange on him because it really warms up his pale, pale skin. He’s a daywalker, you see.


It’s a problem. We’re looking into treatments. There’s a specialist in New Zealand who’s had some success with a vaccine tested on white mice, whose brain make up is most similar to ours.

I, um, have to put this up, too.

Anyway, yes, it is a green sweater. And those are brown shoes, appropriate enough for Chicago winters when the sidewalks are covered in snow or slush or ice or salt. Bleh.

And there we have a BobBlahBlawg inspired outfit, complete with a fanmix. I really do spoil all of you.


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I don’t really do that many posts of what I myself am wearing. So, fine, whatever. I’ll put up an outfit that’s pretty typical of my general style, especially in winter. In winter, my priority is to be comfortable. Since I’m still in school, the dress code is a little lax. I can get away with wearing jeans, and can even look moderately put together if they’re dark jeans. So I’m thankful for that. Because jeans are awesome.

So here’s what I was wearing the other night when I was hanging out with a buddy. It’s pretty much what I wear to school, except for the sneakers. I usually wear winter boots that look like normal leather boots. 😛 So it works.

All right, whatever, here’s a version of my most basic, often-worn outfit: jeans + camisole + sweater. It’s fool-proof, really…but I still find ways to mess it up. 😦

I would, too. 😡

I need to learn to behave myself.

Straight Leg Jeans ………. $11.98
Convertible Cami ………. $19.95
Striped Boyfriend Cardigan ………. $24.80
Converse Ox Sneakers in Cranberry ………. $24.99

Damn. I own a lot of blue. And I wear a lot of blue together.

Meh, whatever. It probably has to do with my weird color associations. Like, I associate each color with the jewel that matches it. Wearing blues reminds me of sapphires, one of my two top favorite stones. When I wear blue, I’m thinking of hard, glittery, dark sapphires. It’s tough but pretty. (And when I wear reds, I’m thinking of warm rubies, and I’m generally happier and huggier when I’m wearing red. Pink is usually fake lab-created rubies, so I’m a little weird when I’m wearing pink. Green goes to my favorite stone, the emerald, and I’ve always associated that with deep, dark, mysterious, alluring, but a little flawed, in a pretty way, since emeralds are so often cloudy.)

I KNOW THIS IS REALLY WEIRD. I’m aware of that.

Also, wearing one color throughout can be pretty slimming. So there’s that.

I love dark wash jeans. Way more flattering, and just a personal preference. Love ’em. I own skinny jeans, but I don’t really wear them a lot, and I save my baggy jeans for the shelter, when I’m running around with the dogs or covered in kittens that like to use my legs as scratching posts. Much more comfortable.

I generally wear my straight leg or boot cut jeans – dark wash – on a normal day. Sometimes they are kid jeans. I have accepted this. Kid jeans are comfortable and fit well.

Camisoles are a staple for me. Comfy cotton ones with a lace trim. I own a bazillion in just about every color and color combination, and I always pair them with a little jacket or a cardigan, like this striped boyfriend one from Forever21 with a pop of color thanks to that red. The red converses are just predictable after that, aren’t they? I like red. It makes me feel happier and huggier. Because of rubies and garnets. We’ve been through this, you guys.


I wish you people paid attention to me once in a while. Then I wouldn’t have to keep repeating myself.

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One Tree Hill (season 6)

Image via Wikipedia

Back today with my weekly post for the Working Wardrobe. It’s good to be back, I think. I am a sucker for routines (and to-do lists), and this works for me. Coming on here every morning and posting an outfit is just part of my routine, so let’s get to it.

Today’s outfit is inspired by Sophia Bush, an actress on the CW’s “One Tree Hill.” I don’t watch the show…ever…(because it looks super crappy)…but I think she is just ADORABLE. It’s the dimples. I love dimples – on guys, girls, doesn’t matter. Dimples are awesome. I mean, sure, they’re just variations in the structure of the zygomaticus major, but whatever. That does not preclude them from being awesome, and don’t any of you for even a MINUTE think that it does.

Whatever. Here’s the outfit I replicated today for under $100.

Click on the picture, or click HERE to get over to the Working Wardrobe to check out the post for today.

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I am back from my finals-induced-blog-vacation, and BOY howdy, am I returning with a bang. Today’s post is a post for boys, at long last, my oft-neglected demographic here, and IT COMES WITH AN AWESOME FANMIX.

That’s right. I put together a faaaaabulous fanmix for today’s outfit, inspired by Andrew Bernard of NBC’s “the Office,” and you must all click here or click on the album cover below in order to get to Heave to check it out.


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