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This is my weekly post for The Working Wardrobe but since it’s noon and it’s not up there yet I’m going to go ahead and post it here, as I always do on my guest post days. Enjoy!

This week at my blog, I’m covering a ton of Taylor Swift outfits and replicating them for under $100. So why should my weekly post here be any different? I’m sure a lot of you like Taylor Swift, just like one of my readers, the one that requested the outfits to begin with.

What I like about Taylor’s style is that she has obviously figured out what works for her personality and her body type.

She’s built like a twig and isn’t the bustiest girl around, so she favors sweetheart necklines. Those are great for those among us that have a smaller cup size (and as for unmentionables, the demi bra is the most flattering if you’re lounging about in your skivvies). She loves sun dresses and glittery dresses for her concerts, which she’s able to wear well on her tall, thin frame.

As for her personality, as opposed to body type, Taylor seems like a total girly-girl from her songs, so it’s no surprise that she loves sparkly dresses and jeweltones and dramatic red lips. She’s also a Nashville girl, so she’s got to bring in the cowboy boots to represent.

Here’s the outfit I chose to replicate for today’s post:

And this is what I did with it:

Lace Dress ………. $15.59
Perforated Faux Leather Belt ………. $9.50
Ralph Lauren Pearl Earrings ………. $24
Mary Janes in Brown (bottom) ………. $40
Detailed Oxfords in Brown (top) ………. $29.99

I found this lace dress after much searching, because everything was either sleeveless or too short, but this should work just fine for the office. A sliver of a brown belt breaks it up a bit without being too chunky, and I caught a glimpse of pearl by her ear, so we have these pearl earrings.

Now, Taylor’s shoes are the tricky part. She’s obviously wearing heels, but they’re heeled cut-out brogues. Or heeled cut out oxfords. Whatever. So for the cut-out aspect, I went with the Mary Janes, but I also liked the oxford look, so I found oxfords with a kitten heel that also fit the bill. Look at it this way: you have choices!

And there we have an adorable little look inspired by country superstar Taylor Swift.


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My friend Jill put it better thanI could. This is her post about the TSA scanners and pat-downs, and I highly recommend it to anyone that’s even remotely interested. Remotely interested, adn even un-outraged by the new procedures.

As for me, I shall remain outraged.” — Click.

She hits on all the important points and here are just a couple that I co-sign:

  • If we’re suddenly safe on airplanes now that the scanners and pat-downs are in effect, were we unsafe between the time of the last attempted hijacking/bombing and now? Were all of you ‘safe now’ people sitting at home, petrified to fly during that time?
  • No, flying is not a right. Neither is talking on the phone. But if the government tapped all our phones and overheard every single one of our conversations to our spouses, friends, children, parents, would that be okay? By that logic, you ‘flying is not a right’ people are also huge fans of the Patriot Act. AND GO.
  • Of all the terrorist plots aboard airplanes since 9/11, none were stopped by the TSA. Big fat none. They were stopped by the passengers. The same passengers that are now having their butts, breasts, and genitals groped.

Here are just some of my own points I want to toss in:

  • The scanners are a big waste of time and money and can easily be overcome.
  • Just because you’re fine with it, don’t for a minute think that means you get to tell the rest of us to be fine with it. Because victims of rape or sexual abuse, Muslim/Mormon women, among many others, will never be fine with this.
  • Obama is a fucking idiot not to speak against the scanners. It’s an issue that crosses party lines, that has Dems, Repubs, Libs, everyone up in arms. He could have easily turned this into a uniting issue and helped put an end to it, instead of coming off as our out-of-touch overlord who doesn’t care about the scanners because Sasha and Malia will never have to be patted down before boarding Air Force One.
  • Adam Savage was chosen to go through the scanners. They got their picture of his body but somehow missed the 12-inch razor blades on his body. Since the razors weren’t near his genitals they probably wouldn’t have been detected in the pat-down, either.
  • You are no safer now than you were before. If you honestly think you are, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you. Take a flight out tomorrow, because I’ll need about 10 hours to drive there.

Please read Jill’s post. It’s awesome.


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American country musician Taylor Swift perform...

Image via Wikipedia

Today’s Heave post is also about Taylor Swift! Shocker! Normally I do fandom-characters (read: fictional) only, because I get to be mean and no one files any complaints or sends dead voles to my house. People on the interwebz go pretty crazy, you guys, when someone insults a celebrity they like. I once had two friends flip out on me when I suggested that Michael Lohan was not a great person.


Yeah, that was pretty crazy. Apparently woman-beaters are awesome and worthy of a spirited, condescending, vehement defense.

I have strange friends, you guys. I need to get out to more coffee shops or wherever it is that ‘friends’ seem to gather. I’m told there’s also a fountain in Central Park that they frequent…?

Anyway, I did expand my Heave subjects to include certain celebrities. Certain celebrities with their own fandom (though that’s not saying much – most celebs do have a fandom), but more importantly, certain celebrities with a very distinct style.

Like, I couldn’t tell you for a minute what Eva Longoria’s ‘style’ was. I’m thinking, short. And tight. That’s about it. But if you asked me what Taylor Swfit’s style was, I’d immediately say something like glittery sheath dresses, sweetheart necklines, cowboy boots with sundresses, big Texas hair (she’s from Tennessee but whatever), and dramatic red lips.

She’s got a style, an immediately identifiable style, and so she qualifies.

I’m pretty mean in my T.Swifty post today, but I’m also a little nice. I say she’s adorable and compassionate and generous…after I’m done making fun of her.

Also, can I just say something? Who saw the AMA’s? I saw them while my brother was looking for his Madden game, so about 5 minutes’ worth. And OMG TAYLOR CANNOT SING. I already knew this but it becomes more and more apparent at live shows/awards when she insists on singing, you guessed it, live.

And can I say something else? The best song to ever have Taylor Swift’s name attached to it is this one:

Pertinent part:

And even if the truth comes from Taylor Swift, tell her this:

No one man should have all that powwwwer.

Ugh, Kanye is the best. And this remix is amazing.

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Again! Because this is Taylor Swift Week, for some unknown reason. I don’t really know why. All I know is that she’s kind of really adorable and twee (and I mean ‘twee’ in the Emma Thompson-defined sense: whimsy without wit) and she wears things I can easily use on my blog because she’s usually covered up and comfortable. She’s not falling out of limos with her knickers around her ankles or flashing the paparazzi, so it’s all good.

Her hair is pretty cute, isn’t it? Those tight curls, all blonde and shiny, all that volume. Big ol’ Texas hair. Except she’s from Tennessee. Whatever. I like her with her straight hair, too. It’s time to update that ‘do – it makes her look like a sixteen year old, and her songs do a good enough job of infantilizing her already. Talk about arrested development.

Here’s the outfit I’m replicating today:

Another warm, simple, comfortable look. Here’s what I did with it:

Black Slub Skinny Jeans ………. $15
Racerback Tank in Grey ………. $3.50
Plaid Top in Purple ………. $22.99
Buckle Accent Tall Boot in Black ………. $44.99
Cable Knit Beanie in Blue ………. $5.50
Locket Necklace ………. $4.99

Again with the black skinny jeans. I found a purple plaid shirt that’s quite similar to Taylor’s, and a comfy grey tank to wear underneath it. It was easy enough to find a pair of black fake-leather boots to tuck those black jeans into.

I found a similar knit hat at Forever21 that plays up the blue stripes in the shirt, and her necklace looked either like a medallion pendant or a locket to me, so I went with that locket and key charm necklace from Charlotte Russe.

Lots of stuff going on, but I did indeed manage to replicate Taylor’s look for under $100. Yay, me!


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I got a request for a couple of Taylor Swift outfits from Katie, so I found a few more and decided to make a week of it! All this week, I will be featuring outfits inspired by country superstar Taylor Swift, including my outfits for Heave on Wednesday and the Working Wardrobe on Thursday. Let’s get started!

Here’s a picture of what Taylor Swift would look like if she was a lion. I found it hilarious.

click for source



Anyway, Taylor Swift is a hugely popular country music star, in case you were living under a rock. She’s almost 21, even though everyone I’ve ever talked to about her has been like NO WAI SHE’S ONLY 16.

Yeah, because she perpetually acts like a sixteen year old.

But whatever, more on that later this week.

Personally, I liked her first album. Songs like Love Story, Hey Stephen, I’d Lie…they’re just all girly and adorable and catchy and I just couldn’t help it. I don’t really listen to that type of music – like, at all – but there’s just something infectious about it and I was a big fan.

When the infamous incident at the MTV Music Awards or whatever happened and poor Taylor was interrupted by Kanye “Imma Letchu Finish” West, who was all BEYONCE IS BETTER BITCHES, I was a fan of both of them. I continued to love both of them after it, despite the media circus about evil Kanye and all that, but as Taylor got all that publicity and adoring attention in the aftermath, with tons of awards and magazine covers and all that, it became pretty obvious that she needed to cut Yeezy a check, because there’s no way she would be where she is now without him.

And her performance a year later at the same MTV awards, where she sang a song that NPR distilled down to the simple message, “Don’t worry, Kanye, you can still get into heaven even though you interrupted me“? After that I started to really dislike the catty little twit.


Here’s the outfit I’m replicating for today:

And here’s what I came up with for this simple, comfortable, modest look.

Black Slub Skinny Jeans ………. $15
Textured Tunic in Bright White ………. $24.50
Riding Boot in Brown ………. $45.50
Emerald Shaped Necklace ………. $7.80

So simple!

I went with these skinny black jeans like hers (girlfriend is built like a twig!) and paired them with a white tunic from Old Navy. I managed to find these not-dark-brown and not-tan-brown boots at Charlotte Russe, and they’re quite obviously fake leather, so this won’t offend all of you that don’t wear leather for ethical reasons.

And, finally, I zoomed all the way in on Taylor’s necklace and found this one that seemed the most similar and the least ugly among the choices.

And there we have an adorable outfit inspired by Taylor Swift! Here’s one of my favorite Swifty songs.

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SATURDAY? MORE LIKE CATURDAY. But I don’t own a cat because my parents hate animals and for some reason I still let them dictate every aspect of my life, which is why my ulcers have ulcers. So instead, we get Salemail Saturday. You guys know by now that I am one of ShopItToMe’s newest trendsetters, and I absolutely love that site and have been using their salemails to help me shop for a while. Here are some of the pretty things they sent me, all reasonably priced like I promised. We are women that live within our means, after all.

(Not to exclude the men. But there’s really not anything for you fellas here, so feel free to take it easy today. Sit back, put your feet up.)

Nordstrom - $73.90

Oh, God. Shoe porn at its finest.

Love this so much. I’d look AWESOME in these. They would fix everything that is wrong with my life.

No, they wouldn’t.

But it’s worth a shot, right? R-right?

Free People - $98.90

I’ve become a big fan of jackets and coats – things that are pretty instead of merely functional (ie, warm). And I adore this little one.

Kate Spade - $44

You nerds know by now that I love this emerald color. It’s my second favorite color after dark red. And since there are nowhere near enough things made in this color, I’ve learned to grab it wherever I can.

Marc Jacobs - $83.16

Okay, this is wayyy too low-cut for me. I’d never, ever wear it. But I love the color combination and thought it was striking and wanted to post it in case someone else liked it.

DKNY - $44.24

Sometimes I really love bubble and tulip skirts, like this one. Pretty.

Michael Kors - $44.70

Animal print AND two zippers. Awesome.

Free People - $103.60

Another pretty jacket! I have a gorgeous taupe one with a golden yellow silk lining and delicate pinstripes, and I absolutely love the way it fits and looks. That’s why this one caught my eye – I know what looks good on me and I try to stick with that, for the most part.

Ella Moss - $103

Ella Moss is fabulous. She’s one of my favorite designers and I adore this little corset dress. But then again, I adore corsets. And the black/grey/purple combination is just lovely.

Ralph Lauren - $60

Pointy black pumps! Simple, classic, professional, and affordable.

Ann Taylor - $145

Nowhere near as affordable but still so pretty.

Ann Taylor - $148

Ah, Quinn-Fabray-approved golden flats. Round toe, and no embellishments! Yay!

Calvin Klein - $40

This looks so comfy and adorable and soft. Plus, the ruching is flattering, at least on me, and I love boatnecks.


Calvin Klein - $20

Pebbled and cowl-necked and flirty and perfect. A great top to wear under a suit jacket. And in a similar hue to my favorite color! Win.

And there we have some of my favorites from my weekly salemail. Ugh, I wish I had the money to buy all of these things. Even if I did, though, I wouldn’t, because I don’t like to spend money on myself. Especially on clothes or shoes. I buy enough to give myself a reasonable amount of options when it comes to dressing casually and professionally and in between, with lots and lots of mix-and-match options. I love a top that I can wear with jeans and a cardigan as well as under my suit jacket. More bang for my buck.

Of course, I realize that overanalyzing my clothes and how much I spend on them isn’t normal. It’s very much a product of my culture and upbringing. When my parents were growing up, there was barely enough money for food, much less new clothes whenever they needed them. They got one pair of shoes a year, on Eid, and were glad for it.



I’ll show myself out.

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Yup, in an effort to be topical, I am devoting today’s post to the soon-to-be Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton. I’m sure all of our twelve year old selves hate this bitch, but who cares? Congrats to the happy couple, because I don’t know many other girls that would want to marry into the Royal Family. Yikes. Can you imagine?

I do kind of like that she gets the last laugh on the upper crust British girls who turned up their noses at her because her parents are self-made millionaires and she’s not an aristocrat by birth but an upper middle class girl. I don’t like that she apparently spent most of her life stalking Wills, including going on the same trip to Chile he’d been on two months prior, and enrolling at St. Andrews and taking all of his classes, and so on. And I’m kind of really weirded out by the fact that she had a poster of him on her wall as a teenager and now she’s marrying him. That’s some creepy Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes stuff right there. But who cares what I think?

Also, Diana’s ring? Really? I mean, I understand the thought – that is one of the pieces William inherited from her, and she was his mother, for crying out loud – but that marriage was not a happy one.

Whatever, no one cares. I’m not Royal-Crazy, and from what I gather, Americans care about the Royals even more than the Brits do. And, unfortunately, it’s the British taxpayers that will be paying for this lavish wedding. So I can’t imagine they’re thrilled about that.

But on to the important stuff: the outfit. Here’s the one I chose to replicate:

Simple and comfortable and still put together. Here’s what I did with it.

Skinny Jeans ………. $15
Boyfriend Blazer ………. $15
Floral Cami ………. $27.93
Mock Cuff Leatherette Boots in Brown ………. $35.80
Cute Drop Earrings in Silver ………. $3.80

I do so love the 15 Dollar Store and Forever 21 for making my job so much easier. They’re really the only reason I can stay within my self-imposed budget sometimes.

Anyway, this was easy enough. I went with skinny jeans that can easily be tucked into tall brown ‘leather’ (shya, not really) boots like those. You can’t really see them in the picture, but Kate is indeed wearing brown leather boots. This picture is from July, I think. July 2010. But don’t quote me.

Anyway, I found this black and white floral cami that was the least ugly of the bunch, which just plays into my suspicion that there is an international conspiracy to make most floral pieces of clothing unspeakably fugly, but it’s semi-sheer, so stick a little tank or something underneath that. Or not. Whatever.

And finally, a blazer. A $15 blazer. Because that’s how I roll when I have to put everything together for under $100.

Shame I couldn’t find a $2 eggshell white clutch, huh? 😛 Hahaha. Oh, don’t even, you guys. 😡

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