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Happy Halloween!

Have a great Halloween and be safe, from me and Andy.

Click the image to enlarge. (My first time drawing a huge pic!)

Also, before the judging starts, this is NOT what I wore on Halloween. I don’t ever dress up on Halloween (this was my third time ever) but this year I felt bad about ditching my friend’s Halloween parties all the time so I went. I was Nicki Minaj and wearing a version of this outfit (with the hair), but I sluttified it up for the cartoon because it made me laugh.

DEAL WITH IT. Judgy McJudgertons.

Also, Andy is Raggedy Andy. Heh heh heh.


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So as you guys know (actually, you might not), I am Shop It To Me’s newest Trendsetter! You can see my badge in the sidebar there. For those of you that don’t know, ShopItToMe allows you to sign into the site, select all your favorite brands and a general idea of your clothing budget, and every week they’ll send you an email containing pieces from the designers you like, in the price range you specified.

Interested? Click HERE to get started! I’ve been a member for a while and absolutely love it.

So from now on, on Saturdays (hopefully), I will be posting things from my salemails that I love and want. Sometimes, if I don’t have enough time, these posts will replace the Sunday Grab Bag thing. Who knows. I DON’T HAVE A CRYSTAL BALL YOU GUYS. But there will hopefully always be at least one such post over the weekend. So yes. And the price range may be a little higher than $100, but I have it set to be reasonable, still. I’m not linking to a $1500 dress, no worries. (No matter how much I love that pink Pucci dress for $1450. SADS.)

So let’s get started! Here are some of the things delivered to my inbox that I waaaaant.



This is a dress (the same one) from J.Crew, and…let’s just be honest. I would look bangin’ in this. I love the way it’s pinched in at the waist, because I have a tiny waist, and the ruffly drapey thing happening up top…well, let’s just say that it would be flattering for my body type.

And I love the green color – just love the way it appears to shimmer – and red is my absolute favorite color, so…I want both! πŸ˜›

But I shall buy neither, because I don’t technically need it.


I am so responsible and sensible.



This DVF coin purse thing is adorable. I don’t normally have the patience for coin purses, and I never even pay in cash, and if I need change, I just check my keys, because I have this keychain from MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) that I got in 10th grade that has a little compartment that fits 2 quarters for a phone call home to your parents, and I just steal it from that.

But I feel like if I had this coin purse, I would finally maybe take coin purses seriously.



Tory Burch flats – you just can’t go wrong. And I like printed flats more than solid flats, unless it’s a solid flat in a really bright, fun color, so these are pretty much ideal, because they’re printed and fun, but they’re black and white, so will go with basically everything, whether I’m wearing jeans or dress pants. I look at that in just about everything I pick up – versatility. How many different ways can I style it? How many different things can I wear it with?


Yeah. I would wear these shoes from ShopBop. They’re grey, closed-toe, flats, and look totally comfortable while not entirely schlubby. Yeah, I’d wear the hell out of them.


Love this. I’d drag this thing everywhere because it looks sturdy and like it could easily hold my 3lb netbook all the time, and my cell and keys and the 8 lipglosses I ALWAYS have to carry because they are basically my grown up security blanket.


I would totally wear this. This is totally right out of my closet. Well, at least, the professional-ish part of my closet.


Hah, I actually own this but in black. It’s adorable.


I like these a lot, but I shall not buy them because I own cuter ones.

Aaaand that’s it for today. If you want to sign up for ShopItToMe, just click HERE.

I’ll be back with more of my salemail stuff next week – hopefully, more of it, once I update my preferences.


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So I was going through a bunch of pics from recent runway shows (okay, so they’re from a month ago – sue me) and thought that I’d reinvent a couple of the outfits for the office. That means paring them down, stripping away the sexy, and minimizing the cost so it all fits in our teeny little $100 budget. For today’s look (actually, it was posted yesterday but I totally forgot about it somehow) I picked Burberry Prorsum’s spring line.

The inspiration is very, very British, but with undeniably modern, edgy elegance. Click here, or click this picture of the outfit that inspired this post, to get over to the Work Wardrobe for today’s outfit.

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I love Cobie Smulders, who plays Robin Scherbatsky on How I Met Your Mother (CBS). I love Craig Ferguson, who plays Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show (CBS). I do not, however, love what Cobie Smulders is wearing when she plays Cobie Smulders on the Late Late Show starring Craig Ferguson as Craig Ferguson.

I really don’t know what’s wrong with Cobie Smulders. She is smoking hot, but girlfriend cannot dress herself to save her life. Let’s talk about this horrendous outfit.


Like her character, Cobie likes tall heeled boots. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a pair of tall boots with a colorful, printed little dress. (Even though this dress isn’t that little, at least by Hollywood standards.)

But Jesus Christ, look at that horrendous cut. It’s got a dropped waist, for crying out loud. I HATE DROPPED WAISTS. And the way the fabric drapes and falls there, it just looks ill-fitting. And the asymmetrical off-shoulder thing, with the flaps in the sleeves…ugh, ugh, ugh.

Just a horrible, horrible look.

The thing is, tall boots make your legs look longer and really slim down the body as they lengthen it visually. But you’ve got to keep everything else sleek. Not tight, just sleek. A boxy or ill-fitting billowy dress like this one up there is not going to look good with tall boots because you’ll just look square, shapeless (if the dress is boxy, that is) and stumpy.

And no woman in her right mind would ever want to look stumpy.

So naturally, I had to revamp this look. Keep in mind that this look might not be appropriate for your office. I mean, tall heeled brown boots? A sleeveless dress? It is probably way too sexy for the workplace. Some of you might be able to get away with it if you toss a sweater on top. For the rest of you, this might be a more appropriate after-work ensemble.

Sleeveless Printed Sheath Dress ………. $44.99
Cassidy Dress Boots in Brown ………. $49.99

I found both of these at Macy’s, so this is technically a One Stop Shop post, too! Yay! Two birds with one stone!

Anyway, yes, there’s not a lot to this. I picked a printed, bright dress like Cobie Smulder’s, but this one has a more flattering fit. It’s figure flattering without being skin-tight and trashy, and it’s warm and bold and vibrant, without all that excess fabric hanging down. Blech. And, of course, I found a pair of brown heeled boots.

You certainly won’t look stumpy in this get-up! Gah, I wish Cobie had called me before going on Ferguson dressed like this. I mean, I would have been more interested in finding out from her whether or not her character and Neil Patrick Harris’s character are going to get back together, but eventually we would have gotten around to some fashionΒ  advice.


(I just really love Robin and Barney. How could you not?!)


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Super quick post because I’m literally running out the door for lovely Wisconsin, but today’s post is about Penny from Big Bang Theory, and also includes me divulging a horrible, terrible secret which causes my soul to hang its head in shame.


Click on Penny to get there ZOMG. Or click here.

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I’m sure you’ve heard about the 99, a bunch of Islamic superheroes created by a Muslim psychologist. They’re based on the 99 names of Allah, all in Arabic, and half of them will be women, and some wear burqas and I believe some will not. The 99 will be fighting alongside the likes of Batman, et al, as a way to combat the negative perceptions of Islam in the media.

Naturally, conservatives have a problem with this, notably, Andrea Peyser of the New York Post.

Hide your face and grab the kids. Coming soon to a TV in your child’s bedroom is a posse of righteous, Sharia-com pliant Muslim superheroes — including one who fights crime hidden head-to-toe by a burqa.

These Islamic butt-kickers are ready to bring truth, justice and indoctrination to impressionable Western minds.

Ah, yes, impressionable Western minds. Because cultural hegemony is only acceptable when it stems from Western traditions, and remains undiluted in its Western-ness. Frankly, I think Ms. Peyser has lost her mind.

Because, remember, folks, when you accidentally slurp down a can of Campbell’s Halal-certified soup or read about one of our insidious comic book heroes in your Western-comic-book-universe, you become a Muslim. That’s how we get you!

Our Da’wah Deparatment has really been stepping it up recently with its religious outreach and conversion tactics. But can you blame us? Mind control is so easy when the mind in question is as feeble as Andrea Peyser’s.



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So Mirriam (@mirriam71) wanted me to put together something for her to wear to court that wasn’t a boring suit. If you don’t read her blog and you don’t follow her, do so. She’s awesome. And her kids are awesome, too, and I say so in a non-predator-esque way, so no one needs to call Chris Hansen or ask me to have a seat right over there.

When Mirriam asked me to put something together for her, for some reason, the first person I thought of was Shawn Chapman Holley. She’s a CA defense attorney and her most notorious client is one Miss Lindsay Lohan. I remember looking at pictures of her outside and inside the courtroom on one of the many gossip blogs I read when I should be reading for class and thinking, What in the world is this woman wearing?! I tried to find some pictures to show you what I mean, but they’re not turning up in Google Images. Here are the ones I did find.

I don’t like this dress. I think the idea was good on paper, but in person, I don’t like it.


I know that it costs as much as my books for one semester of law school, but God, it’s ugly. And that weird neck tie/bow thing going on up there? When has that ever been a good look?

Well, I’ve seen it be a good look, but there were sheer panels and a lack of sleeves going on, among other things, and the rest of the outfit was styled differently and it was just precious. But here? No.

Apparently, Ms. Holley likes to wear shirts like that outside of the courtroom, too. Sigh.

So no, I’m definitely not suggesting any of you run out and buy weirdly printed shirts and wear them to court. But yeah, sometimes you just don’t want to wear a monkey suit.

To that end, here’s an outfit I put together for Mirriam. I love her in white (her current Twitter avatar, I think, is a picture of her in a white sweater, and she looks really nice) so I used a boring white button down. But I like the overall, finished look.

I’m a little worried, I have to say, that this outfit fails the age test. Something that might look mature and sophisticated on a twenty-something, newly minted female attorney may very well look tired and dowdy on a more experienced female attorney. I don’t have the best eye or sense for gauging that, I freely admit it.

In most cases, I usually rely on colors and accessories to rescue an outfit that might fail the age test. There are ways to tweak this outfit if it feels too dowdy. But I like it. Again, that’s probably because it’s hard for me to approach this from any other perspective than, ‘would I wear it?’ And I would totally wear this. With, like, an appropriate number of buttons undone. πŸ˜› No cleavage-flaunting, obviously, but enough not to look all stuffy and like I had just strapped myself into a strait jacket.

Bottom line: I DON’T KNOW HOW THIS OUTFIT TRANSLATES INTO DIFFERENT AGE GROUPS. I’ll probably be posting more for Mirriam either late this week or early next week, because now I’m gripped with insecurity. SEE WHAT YOU’VE DONE.


Tahari ASL Pencil Skirt ………. $33.47
Croft & Barrow Solid Shirt in White ………. $17.99
Mena Brown Leather Pumps ………. $24.99
Bahia Silk Scarf ………. $12.99
Turquoise Bracelet ………. $5.50

I went with a brownish pencil skirt, and since the sizes are limited, you might want to try this one, since it’s brown and similarly priced. The white button down works well with it and, like I said, I think Mirriam looks pretty in white, but it’s so boring. So I added a pretty silk scarf.

I do like silk scarves a lot, printed ones more than solid ones. (I like solid-colored summer scarves, the wispy little cotton things you throw on over a boyfriend tee and jeans.)

There are tons of ways to knot a scarf, too, when wearing it with a button-down. Click on this picture to head to a website with a great guide.


Click me.


Also, Brooks Brothers has a guide page, too.

What I love about the scarf is all those bright, warm colors. To add more of that into the outfit and tie things together, I found this cute turquoise and green bracelet on Etsy. And finally, I tossed in a pair of dark brown pumps.

If this looks a little too minimal, toss a sweater on – one that works with the scarf. So easy.

I sure hope Shawn Chapman Holley is reading this. (No, I don’t.) But she’s probably off telling reporters that the white powder on Lindsay Lohan’s clothes at her court appearance the other day was powdered sugar from her breakfast donut.

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