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(Yes, I know it’s the 31st. I have limited internet access tomorrow and am posting early.)

All right, nerds, I’m bored. I’ve had to cut down my blog posts here, at least temporarily, because of all my coursework this semester. So, I’m officiating our first De-Lurking Day!

I know there are a ton of you that read these posts and choose not to comment. Instead, a lot of you ‘lurkers’ send me emails with funny pictures and political!wtfery and requests for help with your clothes, which I love. Trust me. I love hearing from you.

But today, you’re going to reply to a post. And you’re going to like it. 😀

So, to all my lurkers, and all my normal posters, too, sound off in the comments. This is going to be a first-of-the-month thing, so get used to it. Every 1st, I’ll be posting some funny prompt or question for you to reply to, and it’ll be ever so much fun and we’ll probably tell our grandchildren about it when we’re old. Well, you guys will tell your grandkids. I’ll probably just tell my plants. My dead plants.

(My plants always die. 😦 It’s so tragic.I just kind of forget that they exist, and they don’t deal well with that.)

De-Lurk September Prompt: Go to one of the online stores you regularly shop at (ex: Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Target, Forever21, an Etsy boutique, Ann Taylor, Old Navy, whatever!) and post a link to the UGLIEST pair of shoes you can find there. And then tell me why you think they’re heinous and need to be set on fire and thrown at insert!politician!or!public!figure!here’s face.

And…go, team, go!


(I fully expect Laura McLaura to come here and be like THROWING FIRE SHOES AT SOMEONE IS ASSAULT EVEN IF THEY DUCK. I HOPE THE BAR ASSOCIATION DENIES YOUR ASS FOR MEMBERSHIP AND SLAPS YOUR MOTHER IN THE FACE. Heh. These are the people you’ll have to deal with if you ever go to law school, dear readers.)



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The following is a guest post by Alexis Bonari.

Working in the entertainment industry can be tricky, so it’s never a bad idea to brush up. The following is something of an overview for two of the most often discussed topics in this field.

Accounting (Royalties):

Any artist signed to a label, with a commercially released record, will look forward to when he/she can be paid royalties. The process wherein the artist gets their royalties is called an “accounting”.

Accounting’s are made usually twice a year, within sixty to ninety days after the end of each six-month period. The cut-off for the six-month periods are usually, but not always, June 30th and December 31st. Sometimes, labels make quarterly accountings, which is better for the artist because wait for money is less. On the other hand, some labels account only once in a year. When an artist is accounted to, in addition to receiving a check (provided records were sold), he or she will normally receive a statement showing record sales and how the royalties were calculated. Since an artist will only receive royalties on records that were actually sold, as opposed to records simply shipped, an artist may to wait a long time to be paid.


When two people sit down and write a song together, they create a “joint work” and both people involved own the song. Even though each person may create a distinct part, both writers have an interest in the entire work.

For example, if A only writes the music and B only writes the lyrics, B still owns half of the music and lyrics, and so does A. When there is a joint work, either of the writers can deal non-exclusively with the entire song, while still subject to the obligation to pay the other writer(s) his/her share of the net profits. Therefore, it’s judicious that the writers enter into an agreement which establishes how the profits should be split should the split be anything other than 50/50. An agreement can be simple, but needs to include some major points:

  1. The title of the song in question on must be listed.
  2. The writers must agree to split any and all net profits garnered from the sale of the song.
  3. The writers must agree that if expenses are accumulated for the preparation or presentation of the song, each of the writers will be responsible for a percentage of the expenses. The percentage is usually in the same proportion as division of the net profits.
  4. The writers should agree that at any time before the song is placed with a publisher, the writer may withdraw his/her contribution freely, provided that he/she shall have no claim to, or rights in, any later collaboration on that particular song.
  5. The date, signatures, addresses and social security numbers of the writers should be included at the end of the agreement.

There are hundreds more legal issues in a business as complicated as the music industry, but hopefully this provided some help.

Bio: Alexis Bonari is a freelance writer and blog junkie. She is currently a resident blogger at onlinedegrees.org, researching areas of online universities. In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and avoiding her laptop.

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I love Foster Kamer. Hat tip to Jessica Lin, my old high school buddy and currently 3L at Boston University, for introducing me to this Village Voice columnist a while back.

Click here for his column, but here’s the pertinent graphic.

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Yep, so I’m starting a new thing. From now on, the first of every month will be the Official De-Lurking Day here at TRPLS. I know there are tons of you that read my silly posts and leave without commenting (I know this because you guys often send me emails about random things, which I enjoy very much), perhaps because you feel you have nothing to say in reply to the post.

Because, granted, my posts don’t always leave much room for discussion. It’s usually OMG HERE’S CLOTHES and then I leave. If I did that in real life, just walked up to you and threw clothes at you and left, you wouldn’t be inclined to start a lively debate with me. You’d just call the cops and go ice that lump on your head from when I threw a pair of stacked heels at you.

So from now on, the first of the month is going to be Official De-Lurking Day, and since you might not really have anything to say in reply to one of my posts, I shall GIVE you something to say!

Maybe I’ll ask you to post a picture. (Not of yourself, so no worries for those among us that are shy little wallflowers.) Maybe I’ll ask you to post a YouTube video. Maybe I’ll ask you to post a LOLpicture. Maybe I’ll ask you to leave a little story in the comments, like what happened when your mother made you wear something embarrassing as a kid.

It’ll be fun, we’ll get together, we’ll share things, we’ll laugh, we’ll eat Oreos, we’ll drink orange drink, and we’ll get together in 30 days to do it all over again. It’ll be like a family brunch, but with less drunkenness (lies) and it won’t end in tears (also lies).

So yeah, mark your calendars, folks. Set no less than three alarm clocks, write on your hand with Sharpies, and tell your secretaries to hold all your calls, because this is going to be BIG (omg when will she stop lying?!).

Since I loathe posts without pictures (and since those posts post weird on FB, without a banner image), here’s a picture of me and Mama Hoomster. Mama Hoomster’s all pretty and smiling and meanwhile I’m all AY. WHY AM I NOT IN CENTER FRAME LEARN TO TAKE  A PICTURE PAPA HOOMSTER BECAUSE I’M THE REAL STAR HERE.

I was such a brat as an infant.

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Remember when Megan challenged me to make over one of the outfits from the Miss Universe costume pageant thing? Remember some of the absolutely hideous things those otherwise pretty girls wore? Sure, you do! Your minds are like steel traps, after all.

I’m back at it this week at the Working Wardrobe, and this time, I made over Miss India’s entirely tasteful gown here. I bet she totally regretted not wearing a skimpy sari (little more than a sparkly bra and a a long skirt with slits cut up almost to her hoo-ha) when she saw what the other girls (MISS COLUMBIA STANDING THERE WITH YOUR LEGS GLUED TOGETHER) wore.

Click on Miss India to get over to The Working Wardrobe and check out my post!

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You all know Barney Stinson’s catch phrase on How I Met Your Mother by now: “SUIT UP!” And that’s exactly the advice I followed today when I put together my post at Heave, which includes fandom!secrets involving my deep-seated fear of relationships and commitment and thinly veiled disdain for marriage, not one but TWO fanmixes, Neil Patrick Harris singing, a pretty desktop wallpaper, and a fabulous suited-up outfit for under $100.

So click the picture of my HIMYM BRoTP and head on over to Heave to check it out!

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All right, nerds. Let’s get down to it. I’ve been kind of MIA. I know it, you know it. Your mother would even know it, but computers scare her because she thinks she’ll fall prey to viruses and sex predators. It’s still a fact: I haven’t been here.

Law school just started, and we’re hitting the middle of Ramadan, and things have been busy. I am still doing my posts for MyShingle, The Work Wardrobe, and HeaveMedia, but other than that, I’ve been majorly slacking.

And Victoria, if you’re reading this, I know I said I’d post those three outfits for you last week. 😦 I suck. I’m sorry. I’m working on them, though. Does that count for anything? No? Drat. 😡

But here’s the thing: I have about 6 classes this term, and it’s going to be tough. Not impossible, just tough. And with Ramadan in full-swing, my schedule is completely out of whack because I’m up at 4AM every morning and don’t get to sleep until around 11ish. But in mid-September, things will settle down and I’ll be back in the swing of things…hopefully.

All I’m saying is that I’m probably going to be hit and miss when it comes to my daily posts here. If this throws your life into a sixth dimension of chaos and doom, I am sorry. Go have some tea and think of puppies; you’ll feel better.

I’d talk more about my life because I’m soooooo important, but something starts in like 15 minutes. Or 45 minutes. Something starts in either a quarter or three quarters of an hour. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s Conflict of Laws. Maybe it’s my appellate brief writing course. Maybe it’s Underwater Basket Weaving. No one knows, and that’s the beauty of it. Also I’m too sleep deprived to remember how to access my schedule. And there’s a cute boy sitting on the couch across from me who’s been trying to talk to me about breakfast cereal bars for the past ten minutes.

Long story short: I am not on nearly enough pills for this mess.

Also, I hope everyone has noticed how I haven’t been swearing on Twitter (except at this one troll that really got my goat), or on Facebook, or on my blog. I hope everyone has noticed and is planning a surprise party accordingly. And I hope there is a clown at this surprise party, because I do not like clowns and would very much like to chase said hired clown around with a pitchfork. A pointy stick will also work.

Look at this picture.

Keeeeeep looking at it.

*slowly backs away*


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