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I have a new post up at MyShingle today, this time about awesome black heels to wear to work. I’m keeping it simple for the first post, and will be talking about colored pumps and flats and all that stuff. But for today? Just heels. Black heels.

Click here or click the picture to get there!


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That would probably be my reaction to wearing high waisted pants. I’m short, so they just kind of swallow me up. But I know a lot of you like high-waisted pants, in which case, check out my post today at the Working Wardrobe!

Click the picture to go there.

That’s Emory. He’s adorable.

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So my buddy Dom, who just took the New York Bar exam, got me hooked on The Big Bang Theory. The best character on this under-rated little show is Dr. Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons, who’s up for an Emmy this year and I hope he wins.

For my posts at Heave, I’m doing a fandom blitz from now on and talking about all sorts of crazy fandom related things for each character I do. And trust me, today’s post is RIDICULOUS. See it to believe it ridiculous, you guys. There also may or may not be a smattering of pr0n.


Oh, just click on a picture of Shelly and get over there.

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I know I haven’t posted since Sunday. I’m sorry. I’ve been glued to my Federal Criminal Law book (if you have room for electives, take this one! And also Labor Law!) because my final is tomorrow (Wednesday). Afterward, I shall go to the Tokyo Lunchbox, buy two trays of sushi, ride the train home, make my little brother and mother try one of said trays of sushi, take a quick nap, and then go out. It shall be glorious.

Tomorrow is my day to post at Heave, and while the post at Heave will be up, my post here probably won’t until around 2 or 3. Maybe noon-ish, but I highly doubt it.

And then I have to spend all of Thursday and probably Friday and most of Saturday cleaning my room because my mother is making me. 😦

And then I will be back with lots of comics. 😀 And to be clear, the normal posting schedule will start up again on Thursday, with BCS posts up between 9AM-10:30AM.

Thanks for understanding. Even if you don’t understand. In which case you are a douche.



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Today is Sunday, so I will be posting a bunch of items under $50 for you to purchase and maybe wear to work. And to keep things fresh and exciting (like me!) I have decided that the little descriptions after the items posted will be written in haiku. YAY HAIKUS ARE COOL / BUT SOMETIMES KIND OF STUPID / HIPPOPOTAMUS.

Let’s get down to it! / As always, click to purchase. / You guys know the drill.


Casual and cute / Canvas bags are in right now / Looks like Creamsicle.

Ann Taylor - $49.99

Unusual print / So professional and cute / All pencil skirts are.

Free People - $49.95

Crocodile Oxfords / Totally on-trend right now / Buy in brown or black.

Free People - $49.95

Oxford and saddle / Come together in one shoe /Named for mobster Al.

Ann Taylor - $29.99

So sweet and simple / Sequined neck adds glitziness / What’s life without glitz?

Ann Taylor - $19.99

Such a bright color / Just love the front scoop pleating / Pic looks Photoshopped.

Calvin Klein - $13.50

Not much to say here / It’s self-explanatory / So your feet don’t stink.

Banana Republic - $34.99

Belts are so stupid / Just strips of glossy leather / So here is one cheap.

Banana Republic - $24.99

Love the silk band sleeves! / But then again, I’m easy / Even for fake silk.

Tahari - $49.47

I love purple shoes / They are so under-rated / Plus, flats are comfy.

Anne Klein - $49.99

Wedge pumps are still in / Plus, Anne Klein under $50?! / OH MY GOD NO WAI.

Kate Spade - $49.90

Floral necklaces / Are muy tasteful AND pretty / Like this little one.

Donna Karan - $11.90

Sheer black hosiery / A Mrs. Robinson vibe / Some really hate it.

And there we have stuff / Lots of things for you to buy / Under fifty bucks!

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Then I’m your girl! The CLE conference is this week and I posted two skirt-based outfits at Carolyn Elefant’s fabulous blog, My Shingle, for solo and small practice lawyers. Because of the response on Twitter and the apparent need, I posted two more outfits for CLEs at MyShingle, but this time built around pants.

Again, you don’t need to be a lawyer or attending CLEs to wear these. You could easily be a doctor attending CMEs.


I’m kidding, I’m kidding, they’re just two more business casual outfits, with more emphasis on the business than the casual, which isn’t all that typical of me. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think my outfits are either fairly evenly balanced between business and casual (hence, baseline business casual) or pushing the casual aspect a little more than the business. Either that, or I’m pretty conservative and think that even outfits that are more professional looking are still too casual.

Eh. No one cares. Click HERE or click the picture of the seal photobombing penguins to get to MyShingle and check out my post.

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Yes, you read that right: This post now includes 100% more Fandom Wank. In fact, all of my posts for Heave shall now include 100% more Fandom Wank. Basically, since I do a different TV character each week for my Heave posts, I’ll be including in each post something from one of that character’s many fandoms – a link to a fic, some fanart, a funny fanvid, who knows?! Things could get CRAZY.

This week, I picked Rachel Berry from Glee yet again, and I talked about how one of the largest fandoms in Glee is apparently the one for Rachel and Quinn, the blonde cheerleader. I talked about why this is ridiculous, and then made fun of fandoms some more…even though I’m totally guilty of being a fangurl myself. Even though there’s not a single show on the air right now that I’m a total crazy fangurl for. There’s not even one that used to be on the air.

When I say fangurl, I mean that I really like certain shows and characters and even couples. I LOVE Blackadder, for example. I fangurl that show and Rowan Atkinson’s title character so hard. I could watch that show for the rest of my life. I fangurl Ryan and Kelly on the Office, although not as much as I used to. But I’m not crazy obsessed with any particular couple like a lot of the crazies you’ll encounter in fandom. I won’t die if the couple never gets together. Please.

So anyway, yes. Fangurling. And fanboi-ing, I suppose. This week, it’s Rachel Berry on the hot seat.

So click the picture or click here to get on over to Heave and watch me make fun of fandom.

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