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I’m not going to lie, you guys, I have a lot to do today. I have a final on Monday (Copyrights) and so my aunt literally chose the worst weekend possible to come visit. Goddamn. And I have to CLEAN. And I’ve been running on about 4 hours of sleep per night all week (insomnia/stuff to do) with NO caffeine pills. I KNOW. How am I still coherent?

So anyway, today I’m putting up another collection – this time, some of my favorite finds from Ann Taylor for under $50. I picked tops, bottoms, shoes, and there’s a piece or two available in petite sizes.

Let’s get crack-a-lackin’!

As always, click to purchase.

Silk Devotion Skirt $49.95

Just a classic black pencil skirt, knee-length, of course. Ann Taylor carries great, timeless pieces that are durable and of good quality, so this is a no-brainer when it comes to wardrobe staples.

Silk Top with Pleated Bib $39.99

Is this gorgeous or what? Look at that silk. This top is delicate and feminine and elegant, and I love the little ruffly bib. Whimsical and dainty, in a fabulous color.

Wool Cardigan with Charmeuse Trim $29.88

This is also available in fresh orchid and light ground pepper. I love how comfy and slouchy this cardigan looks, but the fitted sleeves keep it from being too slouchy, you know? And I like the trim! It’s ultra-fine merino wool, so it’ll cover up but it’s still relatively lightweight.

Signature Stretch Trousers $49.99

I’m a sucker for a really nice pair of pants, which are totally near-impossible for me to find because I’m so small. 😦 For Christ’s sake, my straight-leg jeans are skinny jeans for 12 year olds. 😡 I’m not kidding, the size is 12 Slim. My baggy jeans are 14 Regular. For 14 year olds. FML.


But, you know, like, a girl instead.

Watch this. Trust me. Hee hee hee.

Cashmere Watery Leopard Scarf $49.99

Isn’t this lovely? It’s an understated, classy, and fresh take on the leopard print. I love the color and texture, and it’d be a great accessory for any workplace outfit. Except, like, a hot pink one. Then it’d just look WTF.


I do my best to keep you guys from looking all WTF. I hope you are aware of this and appreciative of it.

Pearl & Ribbon Two-Strand Bracelet $19.99

And last but not least, some jewelry. The disparately sized pearls, the flirty little ribbon – love it. An updated take on classic pearl jewelry.

All right, that’s it for today. My caffeine pill is kicking in and before long I won’t be able to type right, and I’ll once again be obsessed with haggis. The other day I took some pills and haggis was like ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT YOU GUYS and since Andy is all look at me, I’m Scottish, I tweeted at him to tell me what haggis was because I needed to know RIGHT THEN but he didn’t reply because he’s a turd, so I ended up YouTubing it, and I opened like 14 different tabs for videos with haggis, and then I was so confused, and later when I was crashing from my high I decided to yell at him for not properly explaining haggis to me and then he explained it better than any of those scary YouTube videos, and then I told him that while I eat weird things, I don’t eat organs, and now he wants me to eat haggis but all I want right now are really spicy chicken wings.

You guys!

Okay, time to do some Copyrights. Final Monday. Wish me luck! Go, team, go! USA! USA! USA!


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We’re here on super official business today, you guys. Srs bzns, to be precise. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I somehow became the Secretary and Treasurer of the Alternative Dispute Resolution organization at John Marshall.

I literally just kind of fell into it. I wanted to go to lunch with my friend Kathleen one day, but she had a little meeting at noon so I said I’d tag along (I’d forgotten my phone so she couldn’t text me when she was done, and it was just easier). I showed up with her and it turned out that it was Election Day for the ADR organization. Six people showed up (out of a much larger group, no worries), and four of us were elected officers. I became Secretary-Treasurer just because I didn’t mind doing both jobs and merging the two positions. If I’m keeping all the minutes and taking charge of the bookkeeping, there’s no reason I can’t manage to money in there as well.

For those of you not familiar with the term/subject, ADR basically focuses on dispute resolution processes and techniques, used when arbitrating between conflicting parties before a lawsuit. Kind of a ‘can’t we all just be friends’ sort of deal.

(Seriously, watch it. Even if you hate cartoons. Just do it.)

Anyway, ADR has gained increasing popularity in the legal field, which isn’t surprising: the courts love it when parties can settle without bringing suit because they can reach their own agreement on their own terms, often pretty speedily and cheaply (arguable, but whatever, we’ll let it slide for now), and they don’t clog up the dockets. Win-win-win. Some courts actually require parties appearing before them to utilize ADR of some type (usually mediation) before they can try their case; in fact, it’s not uncommon for even employers to have employees sign paperwork (kosher under the Federal Arbitration Act) stating that they waive their right to sue the employer, and have all disputes brought in arbitration.

In an interesting note that relates to this, our ADR organization at John Marshall is actually planning to get the named changed from Alternative Dispute Resolution to simply Dispute Resolution. The ‘alternative’ part just seems unnecessary. One of our members remarked that he told his friend he was an ADR officer and the non-law-student friend, upon hearing the ‘alternative’ part, remarked, “I don’t know, Eric, it seems kinda hokey.” Hahaha. Anyway, we feel that dropping the first word would add to the legitimacy of the whole thing.

So, like I said, I’ll be the Secretary and Treasurer, and I’m glad I fell into this thing, I really am. First off, it’ll look good on my resume, and I’ll learn a lot and all that. But most importantly, it fits right in with what I want to do after law school.

Even though I do plan to take the Bar and get licensed, I’m most likely not going to go into practice. I love Labor Law more than anything, you guys, and I’m taking Employment Law as a 3L, and I’m sure I’ll love that, too. I find it all wildly interesting and exciting. It’s just the most exciting kind of law you can practice, in my opinion. There’s so much on the line! Money! Livelihoods! Free speech! Freedom of assembly! And the NLRA is a thing of beauty. It really, really is. If the NLRA was a teddy bear, I’d cuddle up with it every night, and I hate sleeping with stuffed animals. I didn’t even do that as a kid.

(My love of Labor Law has a lot to do with the fact that my Labor Law professor was Gerald Berendt, who was the chairman of the NLRB here in Chicago for most of the 1970s. When Papa Hoomster was in the hospital, the guy he shared his room with turned out to be a JMLS grad who had been in practice for 15 years, and when we started talking about Labor Law and I mentioned Berendt, he was like, “…that guy’s ego wouldn’t fit through this door.” I laughed, even though I don’t fully agree, but whatever. Berendt likes to pat himself on the back, but he’s just so awesome and endearing that no one cares. We’re all just too in love with him.)

Anyway, I love Labor Law and Employment Law, from what limited reading I’ve done on it without taking the class yet. So when I graduate, I plan to work in Human Resources for a mid-size or large corporation. I’d be handling most of the same stuff that employment and labor attorneys generally handle, and I wouldn’t have to go to court, which I don’t really want to do. I think. This is just kind of my tentative plan; if I can score a job as a legit labor attorney YOU CAN BET YOUR BUTT I’LL TAKE IT. I’ll be the best labor attorney you ever saw! It’d be awesome! GOD I LOVE LABOR LAW YEAH.

Anyway, on top of that, I’d just have to keep track of new legislation relating to employment issues, like the legislation recently passed that allows employees to deduct something like $250/mo in travel/commuting expenses whereas under previous legislation they could only deduct $150. Things like that, which I’m more than happy with.

And a big part of HR is talking to employees and looking into disputes and conflicts and keeping track of all that stuff. And ADR would fit in with that perfectly. I’d have a great additional skill set to bolster my credentials in that respect, or at least, I hope so.

So that’s kinda-sorta the plan right now, you guys. And that’s why I’m glad to be an officer of the Alternative Dispute Resolution organization at John Marshall.

The only thing I’m not glad about is having to write this loan proposal so we can get monies from the school. 😦 Bleh.

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Alright, guys, today’s my day to post at the Working Wardrobe, and it’s all up and ready. For today, I discussed adding structure to your outfit and using color-blocking both to emphasize your best assets, and add some color to an otherwise plain/professional outfit. Like, black-and-white professional.

So head on over to the Working Wardrobe to check out today’s post! Here’s a preview:

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Today’s my day to post at Heave Media, and here we are! Posting at Heave makes me feel like I’m back at college. No, it doesn’t. Anyway, today’s offering is another outfit inspired by Lily Aldrin, played by the adorable Alyson Hannigan, who even my brother deems attractive even though he’s not into redheads at all. SO BE FLATTERED ALYSON HANNIGAN SERIOUSLY.

Honestly, I love the little byline/tagline/WHATEVER!JOURNALISM!SPEAK that Ryan inserted before my post:

x2 on Lily from “How I Met Your Mother”? Of course, people. It’s always good to double-up with a red head. I don’t even know what I meant by that.

Ahahaha. Oh, Ryan. You stop that.

Anyway, click here, my friends, and I will tell you the story of How I Met Another Business Casual Outfit.


I’ll see myself out.

…Don’t touch anything while I’m gone.


Watching you guys.

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You guys. I have the sads. My friend Nora just got a new guinea pig, and I was not invited to come over and see it. I’m going to ignore the obvious reason, that she knows I have a final Monday and can’t make the trip out to see her, and instead I’m going to assume that she, along with all my other friends, have issued an official ban on inviting me over whenever they get a new pet.

Probably because I watch too many movies.

So you know what, Nora?

Screw you AND your guinea pig.

I bet it’s just a stupid Cloverfield monster, anyway, and it’s going to take over the world and it’ll be all your fault.

Live with that on your conscience, jerk.


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This is what me and Andy look like when walk to school together. 🙂


He has to hold on to my hand otherwise I’ll run off into traffic.

It’d be funnier if it wasn’t true.


Actually, now that I think about it, no, it’s funnier because it’s true.


Also, for all you Judgy Al-Judgertons reading this, we do not actually hold hands. Because that is how you get cooties, you guys. Statistically speaking, a boy’s hand is, like, the dirtiest place in the world that you could put your own hand.

Statistically speaking.

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Today we’re doing a structured look inspired by Blake Lively. I know she’s just another cookie-cutter Hollywood starlet, but I kind of like ol’ Blake. First, she’s named after an awesome British poet. Second, she just seems like a nice, fun, beachy California gal who’s well grounded and has a good head on her shoulders. Third, I have yet to see her lady bits, which is always a plus, because no one needs to see that. No one. And finally, I find Blake’s allergy to pants absolutely endearing.

Take this outfit.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=blake+lively&iid=7060489″ src=”3/3/4/8/The_Private_Lives_4aca.jpg?adImageId=12663627&imageId=7060489″ width=”500″ height=”750″ /]

Now, at first blush, it looks like Blake is wearing a plunging sparkly jacket with black pants. And you’re thinking, whoa, I can see side-sweater-puppy, but okay, I’m all right with this, there haven’t been any earthquakes yet, so I think we’re going to make it. Well played, Blake Lively, straddling that fine line between a slight display of decolletage and massive earthquake (per Iranian clerics).

[For the record, while I think this Boobquake stuff is absolute bullshit, I’m obviously still going to make fun of those remarks because they’re ridiculous. I’m just not going to delude myself into thinking that when I show off my sweater puppies, I’m engaging in civil disobedience and a show of support for Iranian women, as so many idiots have tried to convince me. Give me a fucking break. Entitlement at its finest, really.]

But then you get a look at a full-length picture.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=blake+lively&iid=7058224″ src=”3/7/3/7/The_Private_Lives_9ba9.jpg?adImageId=12663690&imageId=7058224″ width=”500″ height=”791″ /]



Anyway, whatever. I kind of like her consistency. She almost NEVER wears pants. She prefers to wear uncomfortable-looking, hard, perforated boots that cut off near her lady bits over pants. Gotta respect a girl with that kind of commitment to the #nopants agenda. And besides, let’s just be honest: if we looked like Blake Lively, none of us would be wearing pants, either. Let’s not even play.

I used this outfit as inspiration for a work-appropriate outfit before, too. You know, just for the record. Can I just say something? On April 1, I wanted to put up a picture of Lady Gaga and recreate that outfit as a ‘work-appropriate’ outfit and watch people be like HUMA’S LOST IT YO RUN FOR THE HILLS. Like Katie Kaboom. Do you guys remember Katie Kaboom?

My favorite part about these shorts is that her dad is basically Jimmy Stewart. 🙂 Hee. Classic. Love Jimmy Stewart. He’s all tall and gangly and endearing and his voice/speech mannerisms lend him an air of harmless awkwardness.

Anyway, today I’m here with a plus-sized outfit inspired by Blake Lively’s ensemble here.

Cloud Lace Burn Out Top ………. $44.99
Control Fit Pants in Black ………. $19.99
Max C. London Bow Belt ………. $13.53
Mary Jane Pumps ………. $15
Red Square Stained Glass Pendant ………. $4.50
Gold and Red Glass Necklace ………. $4.50

I picked a pair of flattering black control-top pants. They’re shown here in pinstripe, but there is a straight-black option available, trust. I went with this lace top for Blake’s jacket. Lace is super big right now, apparently, which I don’t mind. Lace is pretty and feminine and sexy, depending on the piece. I found this great organza jacket (oxymoron, I know – personally, I dislike organza) with the wrapped look and a cute buckle accent, but it was sold out. 😦 Sad.

Anyway, I threw in a pair of red Mary Janes, even though they weren’t my first choice. I’d have just gone with red pumps, rather than Mary Janes, but whatever. And for the necklace, I found these two from Etsy. My BFF loves the scrabbled tile pendants, and has a couple that are adorable. I think they’re pretty cute. For those of you that aren’t feeling it, I threw in a normal red necklace.

And to make up for the bow on Blake’s jacket, I threw in a black belt with a bow to add some shape to the blouse. Remember, when you’re accessorizing this way, wear the belt at the smallest part of your waist, or just let it ride a little wee bit lower. But that’s generally where you want to belt it, whether you have a long torso, short one, whatever.

And there we have a Blake-Lively-inspired outfit for all the plus sized professionals out there! Tomorrow is my day to post at Heave Media, and Thursday is my day to contribute to the Working Wardrobe, so we’ll be back on Friday with a structured look for the modern muslimahs.


I really am way too good to you guys.

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