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Just watch.


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It’s been a while since I did a Plus Sized Professional look, and for that I apologize. To make it up to you, here’s a plus-sized ensemble inspired by Emma Pillsbury from “Glee,” who is, spoiler alert, adorable.

In case you have no idea who I’m talking about, let me provide a visual aid.

Isn’t that a funky necklace? I just love it!

Anyway, here’s my take on Emma’s often monochromatic ensembles.

Cuffed Ruffle Trim Tee in Goodnight Nora ………. $16.50
Splendid Linen Flared Skirt ………. $9.99
Ambelu Pump in Dark Green Suede ………. $29.99
Mixed Stone Oversized Stud ………. $15.30
Floral Bracelet ………. $8.80

At Asos for $13.60; TOTAL = $94.18

(Click necklace to purchase because once again, I forgot to add it and am too lazy to go edit in Photoshop.)


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Everyone’s favorite imbecile is back! This one shows up a lot in my searches by pathetic losers who want to see her naked (which is easy enough thanks to Google and her willingness to exist in various shades of undress). So I grabbed this candid shot of the Great Philosopher on the set of her new movie with Mickey Rourke, where she plays some sort of deformed angel that lives in a cage or something.

Mickey Rourke has only the hatchet job he did on his face to blame for why he has to do movies with this genius as his leading lady. He’s got the talent and the compelling personal backstory of excess and redemption, though. His mug is the reason that he has to carry talentless, insipid, arrogant little starlets who can’t carry their own films if they had a jack and a flatbed truck.


Here she is. She who shall not be named.

I took the general idea of her outfit and put together something similar. The coat is not included in the budget, but I picked out one that’s a deep enough purple to work with the other pieces I picked and tacked it on, just in case you wanted something in the same vein.

Let’s take a look.

Bow Pencil Skirt in Chocolate ………. $39.50
Contoured Seam Button-Front Shirt in Deep Sand ………. $24.50
Sommer Pumps in Black ………. $22.99
Large Flower Charm Bracelet ………. $8.90

Blazer Coat in Violet - $29.99


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Baby steps, you guys. Baby steps. Those of you that follow me on Facebook know that I often link to my articles from my profile, thus spamming the news feeds of my FB friends. Well, no more!

I made a fan page for The Reasonably Prudent Law Student on Facebook, and will only be posting Business Casual Superstar posts there. Some posts will be posted generally, but they will be few and far between. The vast majority of posts on this blog will only be posted to the Facebook fan page. The vast majority. Trust.

This way, I won’t be bothering anyone or irritating him/her by clogging up the feed with my many posts. (Not that I link to all of my posts on FB anyway. Some I don’t link to anywhere, at all.)

So I created a fan page and sent out an invite to it to all my friends. ONCE. I’m sorry to be That Guy. I really am. There’s nothing worse than That Guy who repeatedly sends you invites to his or her fanpage for something you’re not interested in. I have several among my FB friends. (If you’ve sent me 2-3 invites, I’m not talking about you. You’re fine. If you’ve sent me 20, you’ve been unfollowed and probably aren’t reading this anyway.)

The invite was a one-time thing. You will never get another one, because I hate annoying people with crap like that. Thanks for putting up with it. I wouldn’t have done it, but I wanted people to at least be aware of the fact that there was another place to see TRPLS posts if they really wanted to.

Again, to visit the Reasonably Prudent Law Student Fan Page on Facebook (and have all updates post to your news feed) click here.

To visit my profile page on Facebook and friend me, click here. (Please include a note saying that you found me from TRPLS so I know who you are and that you are not, in fact, some random foreign boy, for example, searching for fraaaandsheep.)

Thank you. Sorry to be That Guy.

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WTF, you pervs?!


I like to think we’re all friends here.

I mean, we do things together. We go antiquing. We check out farmers’ markets. We watch scary movies from the sixties. We do karaoke. We white-water raft. We make drinking games out of important political speeches. We throw rocks at nerds.

But sometimes, some of you just get out of line.

So, do you mind explaining to me WHAT this is?


I don’t approve of this, you guys. Not one bit. I’m all scandalized over here. I even had to borrow Mama Hoomster’s pearls and put them on so that I could clutch them in horror.


I mean, I have tons of pearls of my own, but they’re not for clutchin’.


I’m very upset with you guys. We are not friends for the next ten minutes.

Also, I bet this was that whore, Andy, trying to scandalize me. He knows how easily I am scandalized. He takes full advantage of this knowledge. Hmph.

I hope his first-born is a ginger.

Or a Canadian.




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The following is a guest post by Alyssa, posted by me because I still have no idea how to work the author accounts on WordPress. I can’t believe they let me leave my house.

Approximately 100 times per year, I think that I—a non-law school student—would make a fantastic lawyer. HOLD UP, law students and practicing lawyers reading this. Don’t punch your computer. Yes, it’s true that I have yet to slave away in a torts or a contracts class, but did Erin Brockovich have to do any of that to get Julia Roberts to put on a corset and portray her? I mean, be a lawyer? OK, now you can punch your computer.

Sure, pop cultural representations of lawyers are incredibly skewed, and lead to people like me thinking they can win class actions suits if they just have the FIERY PASSION OF JUSTICE burning inside them, but one representation that should get a pass—if only for a certain character’s sartorial choices—is The Good Wife. While Julianna Margulies’ character flaunts a decidedly more buttoned-up style, the firm’s go-to legal eagle Kalinda, played by Archie Panjabi, is slightly more daring in her ensembles.

Sidenote: they honestly haven’t given Kalinda a job title. Since she does all the sleuthing/researching, I’m going with legal eagle or badass paralegal. Back to her clothing choices:  many of them are a bit too edgy for a non-dramatized work environment, but I like the photo below too much to not make it work:

Here’s what I came up with:

Office Chic Woven Shirt ………. $15.80
Women’s 3/4 Tee in Fiesta Blue ………. $15
AB Studio Pleated Skirt ………. $29.99
Pyramid Trim Leatherette Tote ………. $21.80
Karletta Tall Boots ………. $34.99
Opaque Tights in Black ………. $7

Kalinda’s skirts are always a tad short, but she salvages her modesty by pairing them with tights and knee-high boots. Still, I’d be a little nervous to show up to work with that much thigh hangin’ out, so I’ve chosen a knee-length skirt. It’s got the same movement that hers does, so we’re maintaining a similar silhouette.

I love the pop of color that the blazer offers, and I’ve decided to invert the color scheme so that the color comes from the shirt underneath rather than the top layer. This graphite-colored top offers more interest than a simple black tunic, and the length lends itself well to pairings with both pants and pencil skirts.

Top it off with a pair of heeled boots to balance the proportions of the longer top and skirt, add a studded bag (because nothing says badass employee like STUDS on your bag), and you’re ready to pretend like you’re a lawyer with the best of them! Or, you know, ready to work at your real, not pretend, job.

Alyssa Vincent is a recent college graduate/part-time copy editor who enjoys applying to graduate schools for Library Science, pretending she could argue in a court of law because she’s watched three episodes of Law & Order: SVU, and writing about pretty/ugly clothes on her blog, Skeleton Key. Go read it, and she’ll send you cupcakes.

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…and that time he replied to me.

So apparently, this is a big deal.

(Warning: This is a post about nothing.)

I didn’t think it was a big deal, because, whatever, I’m kind of scatter-brained already. You could tell me that they found life on Saturn and that all the specimen looked like miniature Jerry Lewises, and two minutes later, I’d be off hiding behind a shrub and poking a garden gnome with a stick because I was convinced that it was giving me the ol’ stink eye.


I have issues, you guys.

And I don’t trust gnomes. I DO NOT TRUST THEM. And I don’t care how hard they’re trying to rebrand themselves as helpful, wry little British things that want to help you save on airfare and lodging.


Anyway, speaking of evil gnomes, I’d like to submit as evidence Exhibit A.

Uncle Karl. AKA Karl Rove. AKA FML.

As some of you know, Uncle Karl has a Twitter account. Occasionally he’ll post trivia questions for his followers, things like, “Who was the last person to sign the Declaration of Independence?” (Thomas McKean) and then he’ll tweet the winner or some such.

Anyway, Uncle Karl posted this last night during the State of the Union address:

I, um, might have replied with this.

He definitely replied with this.

That led me to say this.

Thus ended my flirt-fest with Uncle Karl, because he didn’t reply.

I didn’t think much of his ‘speak truthfully and some shit’ reply. I figured it was an automated tweet he sent to 80 people in the last two minutes, so whatever. Then I went and did stuff, and then the LawSkooBFF was like, you’re famous! And I didn’t understand.

But apparently, Uncle Karl only replied to me, and not 80 other people like I had initially thought. I got some fun replies on Twitter, which I liked. (Click to follow these tweeps. Twits, I like to think of them as.)

My old pal Jessica from high school (the one with the French chocolates) had the best take on why Rove replied to me.

So when I saw that I was the only person that he said anything to, I felt kind of bad. I mean, I told an old man to shut the fuck up and kick puppies. Maybe he likes puppies. Maybe his dog just died. Maybe he had a speech impediment as a child that he really struggled with so he could speak normally today. And here I was, telling him to shut up and go kick lovable puppies.

I felt really bad, you guys.


But then I remembered that I was brown, a woman, and a Muslim, and he was evil, and then I didn’t feel so bad.



Only on Twitter could a clueless person like me be rude to a member of a former administration and have it mean something. (Not that it means very much at all; let’s just be clear.)

But anyway, it was just something funny that happened to me. Not as funny as the three Trojans I found in my Corporations book after I bought it from the bookstore, which I’ll tell you about later, but still. It was funny and stupid and I wanted to tell you guys about it because I feel you know all the funny and stupid things about me already and you’ve come to expect such conduct from your not-so-friendly neighborhood Hoomster.

Blah. Twitter is RIDICULOUS, you guys. I hate it, but I can’t walk away, because I also get some use and enjoyment out of it. But rest assured, it is ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as babies. (THEIR EYES MAKE UP LIKE HALF OF THEIR HEADS AND THAT IS NOT NATURAL WHAT DO THEY THINK THEY ARE CHARACTERS IN A MANGA?!)

Anyway, we’re all tricked into thinking that our conversations on Twitter mean something. They don’t. Twitter is just made up of a bunch of us psychos saying stupid things. It doesn’t mean anything. But it’s fun, so we keep doing it, even though we complain about it. Meh. We are complicated people, you guys.

Also, let’s be honest about this, too: Karl Rove has probably dispatched a drone to my house. I am, after all, brown. It’s just par for the course as far as he ‘s concerned. So if I disappear in the near future, ask Uncle Karl.

You’ll probably find him sitting on a pyramid of my root beer cans.




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