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So my little brother is probably going out with his friends tonight, and they’ll probably be trick-or-treating, and he figured he’d grab a trench, put on a headband thing, and be some character from Naruto.

I don’t know what the hell that means.

So I suggested that, since it’s cold out, he put on his normal jeans and an argyle sweater and mismatched shirt and his sneakers, then grab my dad’s leather jacket or his fleece or something, put on his shades, grab the microphone from his Rock Band set up, and be Kanye West.


And then, when his friends were getting candy, he could be like, “Yo, Tony, I’m real happy for you, and I’mma let you finish, but the best candy of all time is that which is given to me FIRST. ME FIRST.”

Or something like that.

What was my brother’s response?

“Oh. My. God. You…You are the lamest person ever. EVER. You…No. You don’t deserve to speak your mind.”




DKNY Griffin Jean ………. $19.99
Arrow Satin Striped Dress Shirt in Blue ………. $16.99
Plaid and Striped Back Sweater ………. $23.90
PunkRose Lounge Shoe in Gray/White ………. $19.97
Kanye West Shutter Glasses ………. $2.15
Nady Starpower Mic ………. $8



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So I was poking around for a piece for another BCS post when I saw that Charlotte Russe had redesigned their site a bit to include an “At The Office” search filter under their Dresses category. I clicked on it and saw this:


Sad, isn’t it?

Four dresses, and all of them in varying shades of black and white. But wait! I think I spot some navy!


This is not cool, you guys. How boring would it be if we were restricted to these dull colors at the workplace, day in and day out? It reminds me of that episode of the Simpsons, “Team Homer,” where the uniforms that Bart and Lisa have to wear to school aren’t colorfast, and the boring greys and blacks are transformed into vibrant rainbow colors during one of SuperNintendo Chalmers’s inspections.

Ha. SuperNintendo Chalmers. Classic Ralph.

Anyway, I put together about 15 colorful dresses all for under $50 that can easily be worn to the workplace. Workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but a drab wardrobe!

Let’s take a look (in no particular order).


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Well, not really, but the lovely Lynne from Practical Paralegalism shared a BEAUTIFUL outfit she bought ‘on sale’ – all designer pieces – that ended up costing her a pretty penny. And she asked me to try to put the same look together for under $100. So let’s see how I hold up!

Be sure to visit her blog to read her post and check out her brand-name ensemble. I’d post it here, but I don’t want to cheat her out of page views. So I’m forcing you guys to click over. The link’s right up there – click it. Don’t be lazy. God. Get a job.

Here’s what I came up with! I see your designer duds and raise you…a similar  business casual superstar outfit for under $100.

business casual superstar 58Pencil Skirt ……….. $16.99
The French Cuff Shirt in Intense Blue ………. $28
Croft&Barrow Pebble Satchel ………. $18
Zip Up Peep Toe ………. $24.80
Tassel Accent Necklace ………. $7.80


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Adventures in Ethics

This is my first semester as a 2L and I’m getting my Professional Responsibility class out of the way. It’s taught by Professor Scott-Rudnick, who is an absolute sweetheart of a man who looks like a cross between Statler and Waldorf and good old Beaker. He’s great, and his lectures are pretty entertaining (and methodical).

Today’s a particularly blog-worthy day, though. We started out discussing courtroom attire, and the promise of hilarity hung in the air. We had some colorful discussions (paraphrased):

Professor: What if you’re wearing a really loud red tie that has lights and things on it? What if you wear that to court? Is that appropriate?

Andy: If it’s Christmas time, sure.

Professor: …

Andy: …

Professor: So if you’re wearing a loud red tie, that’s appropriate?

Andy: Well, not in July.

[we’re all cracking up during this exchange.]

And then we moved on when our class gunner-wannabe (let’s call her Laci) tried to make a point….and failed.

Professor: What about a bandana? Can a man wear a bandana?

Laci: No.

Professor: What about a woman? Can she wear a bandana?

Laci: No.

Professor: What about a bolo tie?

Class: …

[after he explained what that was]

Laci: No, you have to wear a necktie.

Professor: What about a scarf? Can a woman wear a scarf?

Laci: No.

Professor: Yes, she can! What about a man, can he wear a scarf instead of a necktie? No, he cannot! He has to wear the necktie!!

Class: …

Laci [in a particularly snotty tone]: Well, what about pantyhose? Does a man have to wear a pantyhose in court?

Professor: No! And neither does a woman!

Laci: … [iz confuzzled]

HA SUCK IT ANNOYING GUNNER. And next time, keep your mouth shut. Ha. Totally backfired on her butt. Jeez.

Then we moved on to sexual harassment in court. He called on a male student this time. Let’s call him…Stan. Whatever.

Professor: Well, what if the judge is looking at your ass? Is that appropriate?

Stan: …Is it a hot female judge?

Professor: …


Professor: Okay, okay, what if it is a female judge? What if it’s a a male judge?

Laci: That is NOT appropriate.

Professor: [chuckling] So we’ve somehow found our way to the conclusion that it’s okay if it’s a female judge checking out a male attorney and not if it’s a male judge checking out a female attorney. We’re a little off-track here…

Laci: [employing same snotty voice] Well, the hot female judge could be a lesbian.

Professor: And the male judge could be a homosexual!

And then, somehow, we got started on a discussion about fraud or commingling or something, I don’t know, and our professor dropped this gem:

Professor: …And then this lady’s family said they thought *I* was the one that killed her.

Class: HAHAHAzomgwaitwut.


I can’t make this stuff up, guys. It’s just another fun day in Professional Responsibility!

[picapp src=”c/7/1/f/Wig_and_gavel_e9d4.jpg?adImageId=6990736&imageId=5077163″ width=”413″ height=”413″ /]

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We’re back today with a plus-sized look inspired by none other than Jennifer Aniston at one of the many international premieres of “Marley and Me,” that dog movie she did with Owen Wilson. Was it just me, or did that thing premiere everywhere? Hell, it probably premiered in my pantry. If only I’d gone downstairs to get Pop-Tarts twenty minutes earlier; I could have caught Alan Arkin.

He’s so awesome.

Anyway, here’s her look:


And here’s what I came up with:

business casual superstar 57Brush-Striped Sheath ………. $47.99
Herringbone Fashion Tights ………. $5.49
Volatile Women’s Beverly Pump in Grey ………. $38.90


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Who doesn’t remember Daria, a study in teen over-it-ness? Ah, I remember her, back in the days when MTV and VH1 and Nickelodeon were worth watching… Daria, Doug, Rugrats, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Ren & Stimpy, and so on. Oh, how I miss them all.

Anyway. Daria.


Let’s take a look at what I came up with.

57hcWindbreaker Skirt ………. $22.80
Unisex Fine Jersey Tee in Orange ………. $6
Swing Jacket in Spruce ………. $49
Miss Me Yang Western Style Boot ………. $15


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Josh Camson and I will be recording another segment of Podcast Ipsa Loquitur this Friday, and we’re looking for questions from our listeners! So if you have questions about law school, social media, or anything you want to ask of us, please feel free to do so! We’d love it if you did.



One question we’ve gotten so far – which will be discussed in our next podcast, dropping Monday morning at SMLS – is about our favorite court case to date from our law school reading. I already know myyyy answer! Spoiler alert: It involves a haunted house.

So if you have questions you’d like answered, feel free to @reply us on Twitter (click here for Josh and here for me), or reply to this post if you like! You can also email us or send carrier pigeons. We like carrier pigeons. We’re assembling an army of them to do our bidding, but please don’t tell anyone, because it’s a sekrit.

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