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It’s been a while since I did one of these. Been a while since I posted, really, before today. So here we go: a pretty little green dress and an outfit built around it.

greenAB Studio Striped Dress ………. $39.99 (SALE)
Dana Buchman Embellished Cardigan ………. $19.80 (SALE)
Women’s Merona Collection Malena Point-Toe Pumps ………. $11.54 (SALE)
Croft&Barrow Pebbled Satchel ………. $20.00 (SALE)



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The first three are courtesy of my pal @LyleLanley.

I don’t have any words for this one. ­čśŤ I mean, I do, but there are certain jokes even *I* won’t make. I have a sense of decorum, you know. Yeesh. Jerks.

God, that frigging Kenyan. I like the Nigerians better – at least they want to GIVE me money.

And here we have the plot of a new South Park episode…

Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuys, it’d only be rascist if I was in blackface! This is just a mask! It’s all cool!

Courtesy TheSecretsOfVancouver.

What more can they say? They’re mad, mad, mad.

Courtesy  TheSecretsOfVancouver.

What do the Nazis and Muslims have in common…?

The guy holding the sign is old and isn’t a football player from UT, otherwise this would have been a Facebook status instead.

At least they’re even-handed…? Fair and balanced coverage, just like the gang at FOX&Friends!

…Just like those damn towel-heads do five times a day!

Images courtesy HuffPo.

I’m supposed to say something funny, I bet, but I’m just done.

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