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Summer, summer, summer. Supposedly, you have arrived, yet it is cloudy and 60 in Chicago. Explain yourself!

Anyway, I wanted to put together a summery pant-suit look for the office. This happened.

wwCity Style One-Button Jacket (petite – white) ………. $27.98 (SALE)
I.N. San Francisco Cambridge Dress Pants (heather gray) ………. $24
Sexy Basic Drape-Neck Tee ………. $11.70 (SALE)
Ankle-Strap Pump (poppy) ………. $19.99 (SALE)
Helix Special Occasion Clutch ………. $12.99 (SALE)

The white blazer is definitely in right now. Invest in a nice one – I’m personally partial to two buttons. That’s just me. Still, I like this one from New York and Company. Plus, that store has good sales. Really good sales. I just bought a thin, slouchy two-tone summer cardigan from there the other day – perfect for layering over tanks and tiny tees. (Not that I’d wear that to the office – I do dress like a somewhat normal young woman when I’m not at law school, you know, baby tees and jeans and stilettos and all.)

The white blazer goes nicely with gray trousers, like these from Dillard’s, and the black tee from Express. I’m averse to anything blatantly “sexy” at the office, so the name there didn’t help, but layered under a jacket, the shirt is pretty tame. It’s got a fluttery little neckline that’s summery without being revealing, and there aren’t any weird ties or danglies or anything. It’s just a simple, classic, close-fitting look that happens to be sleeveless. Again, under the jacket, who cares?

(Remember, if you think you might want to ditch the blazer when you get to your cube, keep a cardigan or a shrug handy.)

The purse is simple: clean lines, little bit of ruching for interest, just a sleek clutch that doesn’t call too much attention to itself and blends in with this monochromatic look.

And that’s where the shoes come in! They’re bright and cute and add a nice pop of color to this otherwise boring look. If you’re going for a very understated, somber look like this one, go for an eye-catching bag or shoes in an eye-catching color. These aren’t exactly pumps (I’m a big fan of pumps at the office) but they’re not too sexy, at any rate. They’ve got the pump-style conservative front, and a fun little ankle strap, and that color! Jeez! God, Victoria’s Secret, how I love your shoes. Never break your ties with Colin Stuart. Ever.

That’s all for now. 🙂


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I got an email for a sale at Target and thought I’d browse around in the Dresses section, and I wound up putting this together!

And no, @Nathaniel_Smith, that’s not me in the picture. It is once again a model. 😉 Such a charmer, that one.


Merona Faux-Wrap Dress (ebony/flat grey/white) ………. $20.98
Daisy Fuentes Babydoll Cardigan (gray heather) ………. $22
Colin Stuart Round-Toe Pump (passion berry) ………. $29
Nine West Go With The Flow Top Zip (black) ………. $19.99

That, of course, comes in just under $100 for the business casual superstar on a budget. 🙂

I love wrap dresses. I think I’ve already featured at least one or two, and the most recent BCS entry featured a faux-wrap one very similar to this. It’s got a decent neckline, nipped in waist, is knee-length (stockings!), and in sedate (boring) gray, white, and black.

Since it’s got itty bitty sleeves, I picked out a heather gray cardigan in between the gray and white in the dress to balance and brighten. And it’s a babydoll to boot. Babydolls seem to be one of those love it or hate it trends. Yes, the babydoll shirts make you look pregnant. Who cares? They’re adorable. Belt them if you don’t want a pooch. This cardigan prevents that anyway, with the single button at the already-nipped-in waist. And look at those cute, slouchy pockets. Adorable.

We’ve been pretty monochromatic so far, playing with blacks and grays and whites. That’s why I went with purple pumps, just to bring some unexpected color into the outfit. It’s a dark purple, perfectly suitable for the workplace, and it’s got a bit of a heel to go with this girly dress. Plus, I just love Colin Stuart and I love that the brand has been a Vicky’s Secret staple for so long. Classic designs with clean lines. What more could a girl ask for (at the workplace)?

I”ve always been partial to Nine West. A wide range of bags that are of good quality – that’s about all I need. I picked this black zip top one because it’s not too far out there: it stays with the monochromatic theme. But it’s got a zip top and studs. Funky.

That’s all for now.

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It feels like it’s been a while since I did one of these. I normally do a couple and save them for random days, and I’ve run out of my stockpile, so that’s probably why.

This time, I went with a dress that isn’t Little or Black. And the results were not bad, I don’t think.


Knit Ruched-Waist Dress ………. $49.99
Women’s Xhilaration Susan Pumps (brown) ………. $22.99
Merona Woven Tote (brown) ………. $20.98

A brown, blue and avocado dress: who says you can’t wear a colorful dress to the office? It’s got a modest enough neckline, little quarter-sleeves (again, use your best judgment! Grab a cardigan or a shrug to be safe!), it’s knee-length, as always (remember: stockings!) and it’s colorful and cute, but still sedate enough for work. Plus, I’ll admit, I’m just a fan of ruched-waist dresses. Anything that nips in at the waist is something that I’ll look twice at. I’m pretty petite, with a very narrow waist, and you gotta dress according to how you’re built! 😛 Nipped waists tend to look very flattering on women that are on the petite side. Small, tailored things, really. With oversized, structured bags. Don’t look at me, I don’t make the rules.

I stuck with brown for the shoes and the bag. I normally don’t subscribe to the notion that there’s a hard and fast rule that the shoes and bag must match. If they do, great. If not, great. It’s very possible to look stylish and pulled together without resorting to matching everything. Here, we have cute little pumps that are still a little on the youthful, girly side, and a funky woven tote. A nice oversized bag for this uber-girly dress.

And there we have it!

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