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Printed dresses are always fun; I have some pretty wacky ones that I like despite their wackiness, but for the office you’ll need something a little more sedate.

Again, as with #5, there exist certain caveats to this ensemble.

whiteJM Collection Floral Print Sleeveless Linen Wrap Dress (SALE) ………. $55.30
Satin Design Front Heel (white) ………. $18
Merona Satchel (white) ………. $24.99

This was difficult to rig together due to the cost constraint, and it’s why I left a few things out that you’ll need. This will look a lot similar to the caveats listed in #5, but they bear repeating to avoid embarrassment.



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The little black dress is going to be a frequent visitor, I can tell. 🙂 Not that we’re complaining.

There are some important caveats with this outfit if it is to be work-appropriate. Discussed below.


Studio M Fluter-Sleeve Matte Jersey Wrap Dress (SALE) ………. $69.98
GO MAX Pointed Toe Pump ………. $15
Merona Embroidered Clutch (black) ………. $14.99

Wow, was this one difficult! I really wanted to use the dress, but, come on, it is ridiculously hard to find shoes AND a bag for under $30 total. But hopefully you have some prettier black pumps lying around that you could substitute in if you don’t want to wear these. 🙂

But, like I said,  a few caveats.


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I promised newly minted law student @SohanaB that I would do a post about supplements. The books that my law school put on the summer reading list for orientation weren’t all that great, so I selected some outside sources and soon learned that in addition to buying those thick casebooks, I’d need supplements. Lots of supplements. In print, audio, video, and flashcard form.

Personally, I’m not a fan of audio or video for schoolwork, and flashcards are kind of a fall-back, so I stuck with print and I’m happy to share what I think are the better supplements for each 1L subject. When you’re planning out your budget, do remember to set aside some extra money to buy these, because you WILL need them. And as I’ve suggested for casebooks: forget your school bookstore and Barnes, and head to Ebay or Half.com for the supplements. It’ll leave a smaller dent in your savings account and you’ll be glad for it.


That’s me with most (not all!) of the supplements I used during my 1L sentence. Can you see why I’m miserable? 😉

But in all seriousness, supplements are a great help to the beleaguered law student. (more…)

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Ha! I’m such a nerd when it comes to cutesy titles. (Often, I end up with too-cutesy titles.)

[Rede = to counsel or advise. That’s why it works.]

This isn’t something you’d wear to the office (um, not by any means), but it’s something I’d wear to law school on a warm day, no big deal. Straight-leg jeans, half-sleeved top, and actual shoes as opposed to flip-flops. Nothing wrong with that.

And I have to apologize for the sometimes hack-tacular Photoshop job. A lot of the times, the pictures show models wearing the clothes rather than just the clothes. If I can take the models out, I do. If not…well, we get annoying little boxes.


Tube Dot Shrug ………. $9.99
Grane Rad Colored Skinny Jeans (Onyx Wash) ………. $24.98
Keaton Clutch (SALE) ………. $19.99
Shuping Flat ………. $34.98
Bernardi Round-Toe Pump ………. $34.98

I’d probably wear flats with this outfit (they just look a little more sedate, less showy) but if I was feeling a little bold, a little daring, I’d totally go for the round-toe pumps. What can I say? Sometimes I like to dress up for school. 🙂 (Although, honestly, I think more than half the time I look dressed up only because everyone else is wearing blue jeans and a graphic tee. I’m really not all that dressed up, but I look it by comparison.)

Also, I’m only five feet and half an inch in height. I feel like I’m allowed to wear 3″ heels if I feel like it.

Before we start talking about anything, can we agree that the Keaton Clutch from NineWest at $20 is a freaking STEAL?! It’s sleek and pretty and it’s got a shiny buckle, and I’m probably just a little biased because lately I’ve been leaning toward clutches and wristlets, and I’ve been using the HECK out of my little Botkier faux-snakeskin clutch.

Anyway, cute little top, half-length sleeves. Not bad at all. When I wear a bold color like red or yellow, I tend to keep everything else either black or neutral, and pretty matchy. And I generally keep my accessories to a minimum. So with this, I’d probably slip on my little (literally – it’s just half an inch in diameter) ruby-set-in-silver-flower pendant on a silver chain and go.

So, since it’s such an eye-catching color, I’d opt for black jeans. I love these ones from Macy’s. Macy’s always has a great selection, and these just happened to fit best in the under-$100 parameter. 😛 They’re skinny jeans, which I never do (at most, I’ll opt for straight leg, but you have to really twist my arm…ha). But they work here.

The white clutch matches the white in the top, and it’s just such a pretty purse on its own that I wouldn’t even try to match it with my shoes or accessories. That whole shoes-must-match-the-bag rule is sooooo 1950s. 😉 There’s no reason to match those two pieces all the time. Here, the clutch is gorgeous and eye-catching in its own right and doesn’t need the back-up.

Like I said, I’d most likely opt for the flats. They’re cute and basic, but the little knot is just kind of fun. I like shoes like that, pieces like that in general, that are just a little funky in an understated way.

But if I was feeling daring (and didn’t really care about my toes) I’d wear the pumps. They’re just cute. And the white matches the top and the purse. Although, again, that’s not necessary and, honestly, in my opinion, counts against my wearing the shoes with the outfit at all. 😛

What can I say? I’m just picky, I guess.

And the whole outfit comes in at just under $90! Huzzah.

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My 2d Oral Argument

0Ls, get used to writing second as 2d and third as 3d, etc. After you write your first legal paper (most likely a memo) you’ll just feel weird putting an R in any of those abbreviations. 😛

Again, this happened a while ago. Shortly before finals, actually, and I’m sure we all remember how crazed I was around that time. I was Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction, minus the fatal attraction part. I might have boiled bunnies while taking a break from proofing my appellate brief; we’ll never know because I have long since repressed that dark period of time known as ‘shortly before 1L finals.’

These oral arguments were for our appellate brief, where we were arguing the same issue as the motion to dismiss (first oral argument) but for the plaintiff, who’d been ruled against.

Image Credit: The Hoomster (aka…me!)

Ha ha, it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as my little cartoon would suggest, no worries.


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Yes, I’m going with alliterative titles for all my Business Casual Superstar posts. Deal with it. Alliteration’s always absolutely awesome, agree all.

It should come as no surprise by now that I’m a big fan of dresses. Super cute, flirty, girly little dresses. I used to rock the nerdy tomboy look hardcore, and this past year (because I promised myself I’d embrace the Business Casual Superstar look) I’ve been making an effort to be more girly, and I love it.

Specifically, I’m quite the fan of LBDs. Especially dressing up the standard LBD with a splash of eye-popping color. Check it!

ccRouched Cap Sleeve Dress ………. $15
Silk & Cashmere Sweater Cardigan ………. $39
Side Cut-Out Pump ………. $19
Mossimo Black: Cargo Handbag (brown) ………. $17.99
Spring Floral Bangle ………. $5.80

Phew! That took forever getting together for under $100.

But here you have it: a little outfit complete with bag and accessories.

You’ve got your standard LBD: modest and timeless. (And knee-length!) The cute little cardigan adds a splash of color. Coral is just perfect for spring and summer, and it’s so girly. (You can probably tell by now: I don’t think that dressing in soft, pretty feminine colors precludes one from being taken seriously in the workplace.) The shoes are matchy-matchy, which isn’t always a bad thing.

Since you’re at the office, it’s probably safest to go wtih neutral accessories, and to keep them to a minimum. That’s why I like the simple bangle from Forever21. It’s just a cuff, solid, chunky, so it adds the funk factor and it incorporates the pink in a neutral base. The bag is perfect because it’s structured and hobo-esque, a good mix. It’s a safe, neutral color that matches the accessories, but it’s got the black on top to tie in with the dress.


* As always, remember to scope out what other colleagues are wearing. If everyone shows up in suits/skirts and follows the Black Pumps Only rule…you’re not going to want to dress like this at work. If dress code is more flexible, outfits like the ones I suggest should be just fine.

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This outfit is too adorable for words. Hopefully you agree and don’t mind paying the $0.28 extra, since I exceeded the $100 per outfit limit I set for myself. 😉

mmHarper Halter Dress ………. $22.80
Merona Poplin Shirt (Fresh White) ………. $14.99
French Vanilla Tights ………. $24.99 (cheaper alternative below)
Bandolino “Rules” Lace Up Bootie (SALE) ………. $37.50

First, I love the vintage, American grandstand look. It’s timeless and cute and classy and has always appealed to me because it’s just so girly…even when it’s gray and black and professional, like here. Layering up with a button-down under a dress is a great way to turn a cutesy look into office-appropriate or school-appropriate attire, I’ve found. I do it all the time with my shorter, non-sundress dresses. (Because sundresses are sundresses. Let’s not try to reinvent the wheel. Come on.)

Second, patterned tights are adorable. Yes, you can get plain heather gray tights at Target for under $5 (seriously; substitute in if you don’t want the patterned ones), but I just think the patterned ones add an extra something to the outfit that makes it a little more fun, a little more youthful.

Third, how adorable are those booties?! I have a thing for booties, I really do. These are no exception. And they’ve been knocked down from $75! Buy now!

This is a competent, serious little ensemble that’s cute to boot. Definitely school and work appropriate.

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