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Talk about a gunner!

[Update at the end]

Can’t believe I forgot to link to this earlier, but in my defense, I was crazed trying to get an appellate brief done.

So Dennis Janson, one of my Twitter friends, definitely got shot Sunday night. And like any true law student, he was worried about missing CivPro the next morning.


Image Credit @ AboveTheLaw

Click here for his blog entry on the matter.

Click here to see the Above The Law post about him.

You know you’ve made it when ATL does a post about you. 🙂 Jansen joins other proud law students, like Alex, the Arizona 1L who wrestled his laptop away from an armed burglar because it had all his outlines on it, and the expat who wrote erotica while working at her Russian firm, causing her to be fired from said firm.

Yay, Jansen! Get better soon.


Ha ha, he just posted this:

go to pick up a book from school and a random 2L calls out “I HEARD YOU GOT SHOT!” Me: “Uh, yeah…that would be me…” #lawschool #law

He’ll be famous forever as ‘that one law student that got shot that one time.’


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Drunken Texts

Ha ha, got this from Texts From Last Night.

(847): Theres a random in my bed. Omg but at least he’s a law student?


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A word from fellow law student @LyleLanley:

If you have facts on your side, pound facts. If you have law on your side, pound law. If you have neither on your side, pound table.

If you can’t innovate, litigate. If you can’t litigate, legislate. If you can’t legislate, Watergate. If you can’t Watergate, waterboard.


Torture seems to be getting top billing in the news this week (well, after the teenaged swash-buckling Somali pirate) and you already know why: the Bush administration’s torture memos have been released, despite Cheney et al’s warnings that their release would compromise national security, blah blah, in an endless game of Cover Your Ass.

Long story short, in the course of the war on terror, the CIA set up black posts in other parts of the world where they could torture alleged Al-Qaeda operatives for information. Torture tactics included sleep deprivation, electroshocks, and waterboarding, which involved holding a person’s head under water for brief but successive intervals and, worst case scenario, could result in permanent brain damage. (Wouldn’t swirlies have accomplished similar results without the whole pesky brain damage thing?)

Torture emerged as a topic for national discussion back when pictures from Abu Ghraib were released, and then when use of waterboarding tactics were reported. (At least waterboarding is, for now, a less-blue word than teabagging.) You remember those pictures, spoofed here in Fox’s critically acclaimed and foolishly canceled “Arrested Development.”


The author of the Bush torture memos was UNLV law professor and current Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals judge Jay Bybee.From 2001 – 2003, Bybee served as the head of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel and during that time approved the use of torture tactics. (Transcript from US Senate.) (Bush administration torture/terrorism memos.) (Memo to Alberto “I Don’t Recall” Gonzales — the most infamous one.)

The NYT called for ByBee’s impeachment (federal judges sit for life, so it’s not a matter of reelection). Now Senate Judiciary Chair Patrick Leahy (D-VT) is saying that the “decent and honorable” thing for Bybee to do is resign. (More detailed report here.) Leahy is also pushing for a bipartisan investigation into the Bush-era torture practices. Several members of the House are also discussing the possibility of impeaching Bybee.

Somehow, and feel free to call me crazy here, Baudrillard’s discussion of hyperreality sprightly springs to mind.


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This is fun, and naturally strikes close to home for me, as I’m a Muslim.

I read about this on the LegalLine blog, and just had to write up something as well.

Today, President Obama addressed the nation about the economy and laid out the Five Pillars of Economic Recovery.

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Yesterday, this amusing exchange occurred:

@deEscalate: @huma_rashid I am suspicious — you are far too chipper for this late in the semester… Are you really a law student? 😉

@huma_rashid: @deEscalate You caught me – I just play a law student on Twitter. 😛

@deEscalate: @huma_rashid Clicked the link in your profile; found: “Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here.” I no longer doubt. 😉
Ha ha! I didn’t think I was ever even remotely chipper about anything ever even remotely related to law school, but I must be faking it pretty well. 😛 Or, a much more unlikely possibility, so unlikely that it borders on the obscenely, egregiously, unconscionably improbable….I actually am kind of chipper? I actually am handling this not-terribly?

Ehhh. Doubtful.

However, that mini-conversation did make me stop and think about how I’ve been able to keep my head above water. It’s going to be different for every student, obviously, but hopefully this will help you out as well.

5 Tips for Surviving the 1st Semester…and the 1st Year
  1. I made sure to get around 7 hours of sleep a night, and didn’t feel bad about sleeping in a little on weekends. (more…)

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My first oral argument.

This happened a while ago, and I meant to blawg about it but then forgot. Then I was reading an account of an oral argument on No634, and it reminded me.

I know, fascinating story. I bet your eyes were riveted to the screen with actual rivets, yet.

Hah. My cartoon is so lame. Sheep = cute, though. Yay, bow-tie wearing sheep.

The saga of the Hoomster’s oral argument…

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This is absolutely ridiculous.

Absolutely freaking ridiculous.

More ridiculous than when the teachers at my old private Islamic school went around collecting copies of Their Eyes Were Watching God from 8th grade English classes because of the sexual content in the beginning.

(Of course, after our books were taken, most of us went to the public library, checked out a copy of the book, and read the whole thing out of spite and/or curiosity. What else did the administration expect?)

Anyway, Amazon.com is being a major douche.

Long story short, Amazon has rankings for books that enable the books to show up via site search. Today, Amazon created the equivalent of an Adult back room, like at video stores.

Let’s look at how their definition of Adult (and thus stripped of rankings and removed from Site Search) breaks down:


Oh, yes.

LGBT romance books are effectively banned. Anything discussing gay or lesbian topics – even something about the history of gay rights or biographies of gay crusaders – is gone. Romance/Erotica novels are off the listing as well, though the works of certain romance authors remain for some reason. Books that are sexually progressive (like those meant to teach young girls about their bodies) or those with sexually suggestive titles (Sex and the Single Girl – not at all lewd or risque), and even the paperback of Brokeback Mountain (DVDs remain) are banned, too. And the staples of college queer theory, people like Foucault and the amazing Henry James (love the cult figure/personality, hate the person, like the author) are also on Amazon’s shit list.

Most surprising to me, personally, was that books by openly and well-known gay writers like the basically sublime Stephen Fry are gone, too. And Stephen Fry doesn’t even write exclusively about gay topics! I bet that next we’ll hear that Hugh Laurie’s work of fiction was yanked because he openly and willingly fraternizes and collaborates with openly gay writers like Stephen Fry.

News of #amazonfail has exploded on Twitter. Here are some telling tweets.

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